I was scrolling aimlessly through Tumblr earlier this morning when I stumbled upon a post by Kimber Karolina about No Weigh-In December…I’ll go ahead and link it HERE, but the gist is that weighing yourself adds unneeded stress, and that the festive season is already stressful, so she’s going to be purposely avoiding the scale for the next three and a half weeks. Typically when you see people making a concerted effort to not weigh themselves, it’s for a few reasons…One, they’ve become obsessed with “the number”, two, they’ve found a different metric to measure progress, or three, they are no longer actively trying to lose weight.  None of these things apply to Kimber.

While “scale fasts” aren’t exactly revolutionary, what’s different about Kimber’s situation is that she still set herself a monthly goal and is going to be actively trying to lose weight {and decrease her body fat percentage}, even WITHOUT the numerical feedback that a scale provides. This got me thinking:  Can you lose weight–and I mean really lose weight–without weighing yourself?

It’s an interesting question.

Personally? I don’t know if I could. I like {okay, “like” might be a strong word, it’s more like “appreciate”} weighing myself because it helps me to stay on track. When I’ve been eating well and hitting the gym, seeing the numbers decrease can be rewarding, yeah, but when I’m in active weight loss mode, it’s far more motivating to be able to SEE the changes in my physique and feel differently in my clothes. Just because I find other things MORE motivating, though, doesn’t mean I’m anti-scale, though. For me, weight loss and scale use are basically intrinsically linked. Weight isn’t the end-all-be-all, but the scale IS a useful tool. It’s helpful. It’s two-second validation. The numbers offer proof that what I’m doing is working {or not}, so the idea of foregoing weigh-ins for a month kiiinda freaks me out. I mean, I’ve lost weight in the past without weighing myself, but that has typically happened when I wasn’t actually TRYING to lose weight at all. And I’ve definitely mindlessly packed on some pounds when I HAVEN’T had access to a scale. I like to keep an eye on things. It keeps me accountable and rooted in reality. For other people, though, the scale might not be necessary. It could cause anxiety or spur an obsession. THIS is what Kimber’s No-Weigh December is about–enjoying the holiday season and not getting wrapped up in the potential stress that some people feel from monitoring their weight–and I am ALL for that. It doesn’t mean putting your goals on hold, over-indulging, or excusing yourself from hard work for a month, it just means taking care of yourself. If the scale is a source of stress for you, get rid of it! Take a break! Clear your head! If there were ever a season to adopt the “good vibes only” mentality, it’s this one. You shouldn’t have to miss out on any activities or traditions that come with the holidays just because you’re worried that it will impact the number you’ll see the next morning. And hey, even if the scale doesn’t stress you out, but you just feel like taking a break, that’s cool too. Take care of your body and it will take care of you, but don’t forget to take care of your mind while you’re at it.

Would you join in on No-Weigh December? Do you think you could further a weight loss journey without access to a scale?



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