Clothes {and hair, and makeup} aren’t EVERYTHING, but they can certainly have an impact on mood and confidence. I mean, right? There are always going to be certain elements that never fail to make me feel, well, HOT. In 2004? A frayed denim mini skirt, baby doll top, and UGG boots. 2006? Ultra low-rise, flare jeans, a low-cut tank, and a shrunken cardigan. The premise applies to hair and makeup, too–in high school, it was all about having stick-straight Lauren Conrad locks. Kohl-lined eyes that bordered on raccoon-ish definitely had a moment. There are always defining pieces that are instant FIRE, you know? In 2015–almost 2016!!–here are the go-to items that make me feel like a babe and a half…hopefully you can relate!

1. A little black dress.

While this probably seems like a safe pick {I mean, has there EVER been a “clothing items you must own” list that lacks this item?!} my take on the LBD is rather atypical. I love a good cocktail dress, but nothing makes me feel more sexy or confident than  a simple, casual, cotton-blend dress with sleeves. Nothing slinky, overly short, or ridiculously tight. It’s easy, it’s effortless, and it’s flattering. I love this short-sleeved, peek-a-boo waist mini from Express, this breezy little shift by Felicity & Coco, and this stunner by Susana Monaco that features a super flirty, off-the-shoulder neckline and flared skirt.

2. Faux leather leggings.

I spent what felt like an ETERNITY finding the perfect pair of liquid leggings. The fit had to be exquisite, the material had to be quality, and the price had to be right. I FINALLY got my hands on this pair {by SPANX of all brands!!} and I. Am. Obsessed. They’re insanely flattering and super comfortable, but still low-key enough that I don’t feel like I’m trying too hard to be sexy when I wear them. They’re my secret weapon when it comes to winter “going out” clothes. Best part: um…They’re LEGGINGS.

3. Tight, dark jeans.

I have a specific pair of dark, skinny, MOTHER jeans that are my “hot” jeans. Since they’re also extraordinarily slim, they also double as my “skinny” jeans. I don’t wear them all of the time–I save them for foxy days so they don’t wear out–but they go with everything, make my butt look incredible, and FEEL amazing. They’re also the perfect piece to dress up or down. Flawless.

4. Lots of mascara.

I’m an eyelash enhancement junkie. There’s just something about having perfectly thick, curled, long lashes that makes me feel hot. They make my eyes look giant and  somehow make an impact that is both pretty and sultry. I just bought a new tube of Maybelline’s “Lash Sensational”, but I’m low-key lusting over Sephora’s “Lashstash”, which offers a multi-brand set of EIGHT different mascaras for $45. I die.

5. A fresh blow-out.

While I’m over the bone-straight styles of yesteryear, I cannot deny the power of a fresh, bouncy blow-out. I like smooth. I like volume. I like movement. I also like that fact that, with care, a quality blow dry can be babied and maintained for a good 3-5 days, meaning all the more good hair day vibes to soak up. Essentials for achieving the look at home? Oribe’s “Royal Blowout” spray, a round brush, and a fabulous blow dryer.

What are YOUR hot looks?! Do you have any items that always make you feel glam?



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