In honor of Thursday’s holiday, a post on nailing stay-in style….The best cozy pieces for post-Thanksgiving cuddle sessions, date nights in, and general holiday lazing lounging. Here’s everything you need to rock the cozy-chic aesthetic.

  • Chic sweatpants. Skinny sweats or harem-styling are both trendy. If I’m wearing tight pants, I love a super baggy, extra-relaxed top. Harem pants? All about the tight tank. Dichotomy, ladies.
  • An oversized shirt OR a tight tank. See above. Contrasting top and bottom fits make an outfit look stylish AND effortless, AKA exactly what you’re going for with staying in style.
  • Fuzzy socks or slipper booties. Warm, cozy, amazing. An extra-chunky sock can do no wrong, and I’ve never met an UGG boot that my feet didn’t love.
  • A removable top layer: cozy sweater, zip-up, or pullover. Not only is layering up kind of a no-brainier when it comes to dressing for the colder seasons, it’s also an easy way to add a cool texture, pattern, or even a hint of glamour to your otherwise casual outfit. From {faux} fur lining to cozy cashmere, the additional layer lends you both options and warmth. And oh oh! Never underestimate the sartorial power of a great scarf.
  • BONUS: Need to be dressier, but still want to soak up ultra-comfy vibes? Throw on a maxi dress or skirt. They’re super flattering and stylish while maintaining a relaxed feel.
{Outfit Inspiration}
{Outfit Inspiration: Blanket fort chic.}

Now that you’re inspired, get to shopping! Here are some key places to get started.

Brands & Stores that SLAY SiS:

  1. Wildfox: The BEST when it comes to relaxed silhouettes, “shirts with words”, and ultra-worn in materials.
  2. Free People: Bohemian and romantic, but also offers some really great staple casual wear, sweaters, and dusters. My favorite sweatpants of all time are FP!
  3. Aritzia: A new favorite of mine, this Canadian boutique retailer has a rotating selection of super-stylish pieces for every stay-in scenario {their TNA brand is a must!}, and they host killer sales.
  4. Urban Outfitters: The old standby for cute-meets-comfy items {and accessories!} that you can probably find at your local mall!

Are you a fan of staying-in style?



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