BEYOND #bodygoals. {Source.}
BEYOND #bodygoals. {Source.}

In a post a few months ago, I touched on some non-aesthetic ways to measure your progress and stay motivated. A few months before that, we talked about weight/body-free ways to know that your fitness routine is working for you. This month, I wanted to continue that theme–getting personal with my OWN non-physical health and fitness aspirations seemed like a good place to start. Here are a few things I’m currently {//constantly?!} striving for…Because there’s more to life than #bodygoals.

  • Increase flexibility.

I’m like, the least flexible person ever. I’ve always attributed it to being tall, but there are definitely flexible tall people…I’m just not one of them?! It’s something I’m inherently BAD at. You know hidden talents? Flexibility is my hidden, uh, weakness. I’m working on this with yoga and targeted stretching, but progress is SLOW, and motivation to hit this goal is honestly not so high! I’m convinced it will happen, though…Eventually. 😉

  • Run a half marathon.

The farthest distance I’ve ever run has been just a little over 10 miles, which I did about a year ago! While I think {at the time/in the moment} I could have kept running past 10, the thought of tacking on an additional 3.5 miles to my longest run is seriously daunting. I know I CAN physically do it, but the mental block is pretty intense and scary. I’m pretty sure I want to tackle 13.5 treadmill miles before I attempt an actual course or race, so baby steps for sure.

  • Create {and stick to!} a well-rounded fitness routine.

I’ve talked before about being an all-or-nothing exerciser, but beyond that, when I get into one specific form of exercise, I tend to do it and ONLY it. Obviously, this isn’t the most balanced way to live! There are a lot of workouts that appeal to me–barre, running, TIU toning, yoga, and rebounding just to name a few–and I think that it would benefit both my mental and physical wellbeing to develop a workout regimen that’s a bit more balanced than my typical exercise pattern. It’s always good to keep things interesting.

  • Do yoga teacher training.

I love all things yoga, but I really don’t know much about it! The training is intensive and somewhat costly though, so I’ve tended to put this goal aside simply because I don’t know that I have actual teaching aspirations. YTT, for me, would be about immersing myself in the yoga world and absorbing as much information as possible. If an interest in teaching eventually comes from that? Awesome. Otherwise, I’m just spending money to have something to do, which is admittedly less awesome. I’m just not sure if this one is currently justifiable! It IS one of my long-term goals, though.

What are some of your non-aesthetic goals?



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