Though I don’t typically post it, I absolutely LOVE reading and writing survey-style blog content. It takes me back to the good old days of Xanga and MySpace. I also genuinely enjoy finding out about others through their answers to generally trivial prompts. In that spirit, I wanted to share with you a cute fall survey–the ‘Sweater Weather’ Tag–that I found while perusing LaurelMusical.com. Laurel not only created the tag, but her site is gorgeous, so go check it out when you have a free minute! Here, my take on all things sweater weather.

  1. Favorite fall scent? This is going to be kind of a weird statement, but I feel like fall in general smells really good. The air is crisp, there’s a lot of bonfires and the occasional BBQ…even those fallen leaves smell pretty great until they start getting soggy. In terms of manufactured scents, however, my favorite fall fragrance is probably pumpkin spice. Candles, beauty products, potpourri, whatever. It smells SO good.
  2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Never coffee, sometimes tea, always hot chocolate. 😉 As an alternative, right now I’m into mixing a little bit of turmeric and honey with hot lemon water, too.
  3. Fall memories? Fall as a little kid was always super fun. I remember helping with “raking” {but not really} with my family on Sunday afternoons, culminating with my dad throwing me into giant piles of leaves at the end of the day. It was pretty much the best experience ever–definitely the standout memory of the season. If you try the leaf jumping thing when you’re older, though, it’s itchy and soggy and gross. Avoid.
  4. Favorite fall reads? Right now, I’m reading Into Thin Air, which is about the Everest disaster of 1996. Not fall specific in the least, but on my radar ATM. Did you guys know that I’m low-key obsessed with all things Everest? True story. Next, I want to read Jordan Younger’s recently-released memoir, Breaking Vegan.
  5. Dark lips or winged eyeliner? Dark lips! {Mostly because I cannot for the life of me master winged liner.} I love wine, berry, and deep oxblood lip colors for fall. Clinique’s classic Black Honey Almost Lipstick is a go-to of mine for creating a sheer, slightly moody lip. Of course, if you’re looking for something more saturated, you can’t go wrong with NARS’ Audacious Lipstick in Oxblood Burgundy, or MAC’s “Heroine” lip color.
  6. Favorite Thanksgiving food? STUFFING. I used to say that Thanksgiving foods as a whole were  actually my favorite foods {I mean, mashed potatoes, carved turkey, sweet potatoes, etc?! Yum!} but stuffing takes the cake. Especially if it’s sage or rosemary.
  7. What is the weather like? Right now, it’s sunny, warm, and beautiful! While our leaves changed a few weeks ago and we’ve had a few cool, crisp days, this week has been in the 70s and sunny. I’ll take it!
  8. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype? I’m kinda torn! I’m not a huge fan of the #PSL, but I like pumpkin spice as a fragrance and as a flavor. If you can do the pumpkin spice thing sans coffee, I’m into it! So yeah, worth the hype UNLESS it’s combined with coffee. I’m weird.
  9. Favorite sweater? I splurged on a grey oversized v-neck wool-blend sweater by Joie earlier this season, and I’m in love. I wear it multiple times a week. It’s the ideal combination of fashion and function, because it’s super cute and super warm. Looks great with tight jeans and leggings!
  10. Favorite nail polish? As mentioned in THIS post, Essie’s “Devil’s Advocate” is the ultimate fall nail color.
  11. Favorite song? Anything from Halsey’s “Badlands” album. My favorite track is probably Castle. Or Hold Me Down. Or Drive. Or no, Colors. It’s ALL really good. I also like “Moments” by Tove Lo.
  12. Combat boots or Uggs? I’m a Minnesota girl, so the occasional Ugg boot will always hold a special place in my heart! I really don’t care how ugly or off-trend they are–they’re insanely warm, require no socks, and feel like you’re wearing a teddy bear on your feet. Plus, I’m kinda dying over the special-edition Pendleton Uggs.

What are a few of your fall faves?!



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