One tool, one step, instant glam. What is it?

Metallic spray paint.

This. Is. IT.
*~insert heart-eyed emojis~*

It’s a total game-changer, guys. Silver, gold, and rose gold sprays are all available in a variety of finishes and textures, and a can of the stuff usually sells for under $10. Some of it even has glitter. Pick up a can on your next Target/Walmart/hardware store run and you’re essentially already 90% done with your project. Online shopping addict? Get some HERE, HERE, or HERE. Done.

Of course, you can add additional elements to craft something that’s a little more custom and intricate, but if you’re lazy or DIY challenged, this alone will be your jam. Just pick something to spray and go crazy. We recently did this with a random beat-up end table we had, and it gave the old piece a total facelift. Love that! A simple spray makes everyday items instantly more luxe and chic. Here’s proof.

Furniture. Figurines. Votives. Frames. Fixtures. Mason jars. Doorknobs. Accessories. Pumpkins. Whatever. All of it. Everything looks better with a little spritz of gold. {Or silver. Or rose gold. Do you, boo.} For further inspiration, check out this post from DIY Network on things you probably didn’t know you could paint.

Happy crafting!



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