A famous fitspo quote that sticks with me is “don’t reward yourself with food. You’re not a dog.” While it’s a little harsh, I largely–for the most part, anyway–agree with the sentiment. If you’re working on cleaning up your diet or are losing weight, for example, topping up on deep fried Oreos, bacon pizza, or boozy milkshakes as a treat isn’t exactly going to be in alignment with your goals. There are healthy treats and substitutions, of course, but I typically find it a lot more gratifying reward myself with something tangible for my efforts. Whether it’s taking 20 barre classes in 30 days or losing 10lbs, there’s a better way to treat yourself. Here are some of the best {and most popular!} ways to celebrate hitting your goals without eating junk.

  • New gym gear.

Whether it’s a pair of expensive headphones, a heart rate monitor, new Nikes, or a full get-up from your activewear line of choice, it’s both motivating and practical to reward your efforts with goodies that will keep you hitting the gym. Bonus: Since many gyms and workout modalities are now licensing their names, you can probably pick up a branded tank, tee, or tote that bares the logo of your workout of choice. Pure Barre socks, anyone? SoulCycle crops? Barre3 muscle tank? All you, baby girl!

  • A hot new outfit.

You’ve probably heard about people buying “goal” jeans in a size or two smaller than what they fit into when beginning their weight loss, and while that can be really inspiring, if you don’t actually REACH that goal size {or if it takes you longer than you’d anticipated to do so,} it can also be really discouraging. Solution? Wait to buy yourself something sexy once you’ve actually hit a goal. This works at any stage of your healthy journey–whether you’re celebrating losing the first 5lbs or the final 15. Instantly boost your confidence and give yourself a mini-makeover!

  • Body mods.

Plenty of people celebrate major milestones with piercings or tattoos! If you’re into body modification or art, and want something MAJOR to commemorate your lifestyle change, this might be the perfect option for you. Pierce your cartilage or add a stud to your nose. Get 26.2 in Roman numerals down your back. Whatever. If you’re an adrenaline junkie who doesn’t have any commitment issues, this could very well be the ultimate treat. PS, not going to lie, I’m VERY into yoga-inspired tattoos. 😉

  • Spa or salon services.

When I think of truly treating myself, pampering is always at the front of my mind. Having a spa day or simply booking a salon service always feels SO amazing and indulgent–it never gets old. This option is great if you’re thrifty, too, because the possibilities are endless, and it can be adapted to virtually any budget. Massage. Hair color. Body wraps. Mani/pedis. Facials. Blow-outs. The sky is the limit! Search deal sites like Groupon, Gilt City, and Travel Zoo for deeply-discounted access to beauty services and indulge in some well-deserved YOU time.

  • A trip, vacation, or otherwise out-of-the-ordinary experience.

Okay, so this one is admittedly major. Sometimes, though, your kick-ass achievements merit this kind of celebration! Having something to look forward to is a key part of living a happy/healthy/vibrant life, so feel free to start planning {and saving for} a getaway long before your actual goal is in sight. Can’t spring for a vacation? Opt instead for an experience–tickets to a concert, passes to an amusement park, a cooking class, entry into a special race, or a BYOB paint night would all suffice as out-of-the-ordinary, experience-based rewards.

What does “treat yourself” mean to YOU?!



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