{Via SPIKE.}
{Via SPIKE.}

Fact: Jillian Michaels is my girl. I’ve been listening to her podcast since 2009. I watched her on Biggest Loser, The Doctors, and Losing It. I’ve read two of her books. I own three of her DVDs. To say that I’m simply a fan of Jill would be a major understatement–I am obsessed with her! So when I read an article sometime last spring that covered fall television premiers and saw that Jillian was going to be a part of a new fitness/reality/competition show on SPIKE {and that was literally the only available information on the program at that time}, I was excited. Super excited. Crazy excited. So excited that it was a liiiitle bit weird.

Last night, Jillian’s new show, Sweat Inc, premiered!

Watching the show’s intro, I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into. The first 60 seconds sold Sweat Inc as a fitness-themed version of Shark Tank…and while I love Shark Tank, I wasn’t totally sure that I needed {or wanted} a health-and-wellness slanted iteration of that programming. Then, though, they added that not only would these hopefuls be pitching their exercise inventions/modalities to the Sweat Inc judges, but that the “winner” of this week’s round would not only score $10,000, but also move on to compete with the next weeks’ winners over a giant grand prize. So yeah–it’s more like Shark Tank meets America’s Next Top Model meets, I don’t know, Iron Chef? It’s a premise that’s both unique and oddly familiar. Invention. Contest. Competition.

The premier of Sweat Inc focused on low-impact exercise solutions. Core conditioning equipment, mini-trampoline classes, and a resistance rod system used for at-home and group fitness classes. {Spoiler alert: The core conditioning ball guy won.} The first 20 minutes or so had the fitness professionals pitching their products and allowing the three judges and a “guest consumer” to ask questions and test out each system. After that, they deliberate on each of them, taking a special interest in the opinion of the guest consumer. Of course, since it’s a reality show, there was drama: a discussion about mass appeal vs innovation took a turn when the two male judges appeared to gang up on Michaels, thus causing her to storm off of the set. There was also a classic reality show line that was like, “you’ve never seen us fight like we did over you guys!” which, yeah, is completely true–NO ONE has ever seen you guys fight like that, because this is the first episode of the show.

The second half of the show began with the judges eliminating one of the contestants, and giving the other two “homework assignments” to help them refine their products and brands, which was actually super interesting from a business standpoint. Then, there was an “open gym” section, wherein 25 people tested and voted on the two remaining workouts as Jillian and team watched. This gave the judges an additional opportunity to see and critique not only how each of the systems performed, but also how each of the contestants taught and promoted their modalities. Then, the best thing happens: 30 days elapse, and four “control” training subjects who committed to each method {that’s two each system} are profiled. Transformation! They compare before and after pictures, weight loss, and percent body fat changes, and each system is awarded points and scored based on their results. So yeah–it’s not just about what system is most innovative, could sell well, or appeals most to consumers, it’s also about RESULTS. Results are what we like. Then, after a little deliberation winner is announced. Finally.

Let’s get real–the real star of the show is Jillian. Jillian’s wardrobe. Jillian’s wavy lob. Jillian’s personality. Oh, and Jillian’s abs. This being said, will I watch it again next week? Ehh…Maybe. Losing It Sweat Inc is not, and I’m not {yet} particularly attached to any of the contestants or either the other judges. Basically, I’m just here for America’s Toughest Trainer…but then, you already knew that. 😉 But um, if anyone knows how to score a spot in that test workout group, let your girl know. I am SO down.

Did you catch Sweat Inc? Will you be watching next week?



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  1. I loved it! I enjoy Shark Tank so a more fitness themed show was totally up my alley. About that weird “We’ve never fought like this before” line – Jillian said on Twitter that they filmed the shows in a different order than they aired, which explains that.

    • I think it definitely has potential! I love love LOVE Shark Tank, but this didn’t quite do it for me in the same way…It could change as the season continues and I get to know the judges and contestants, though. Also, thanks for letting me know about that weird line! Def makes more sense knowing that it was filmed out of sequence and not just some made-for-tv “the most DRAMATIC moment yet” blanket statement, lol! ♡

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