The digital detox is modern society’s answer to media overload. We’re constantly engaging with technology and staring at our screens…so much so that some of us forget to live our actual lives! The Internet is addictive! It can also take up a lot of space, both in your head and on your phone. Digital clutter and noise is real. You don’t have to stop using your electronics all together to reclaim some of your sanity, though! Instead of ditching your devices, use these tips to tidy up and quiet your mind. They’re all free, require minimal effort, and are totally satisfying once completed. Here are six immediate actions you can take to clean up and get your $#!+ together.

  • Streamline your social media. Mute, delete, unfollow, unfriend, unsubscribe. Unlike pages on Facebook that you’re no longer into. Unfollow Twitter accounts that don’t do anything for you. Unsubscribe to YouTube channels that you aren’t crazy about. Clean house! Do you keep negative, insufferable, ignorant, or just plain rude people in your REAL life? If not, you should have no place for them online, either. If unfriending or unfollowing makes you uncomfortable, at the very least utilize the power of the block {IG}, mute {Twitter,} and unsubscribe {Facebook} tools to get any and all irrelevant or offensive content out of your feed and face.
  • Clean out your camera roll. When it comes to your camera roll, get rid of anything that isn’t necessary and/or doesn’t bring you immense joy. Delete duplicates, the 57 bad selfies you took before the hot one you posted, random food and scenery pics, and photos of your ex. I’m totally guilty of being a picture hoarder, but if you’ve emailed snaps or uploaded them to your social media, you don’t need to hang on to the original copy…they’re floating around the internet forever, and they’ve probably served their intended purpose.
  • Filter your emails…or better yet, unsubscribe all together. Spam emails are actually really distracting and weirdly stress inducing. Seeing an inbox that’s full of newsletters, sale notices, social media alerts, and random promotions is the virtual equivalent of a messy room. You don’t need the clutter. Next time you check your email, flag your non-essntial messages and send them to spam or an alternate mailbox. If you find that you’re receiving mail that is completely irrelevant or just annoying, take two seconds and unsubscribe.
  • Delete the apps you don’t use. Deleting apps can feel SO weird. You never know when you might need something, right? I always panic internally a little before I do it, but it’s something that we should all be doing on a semi-regular basis. Keep your favorites {and try moving them all to your first screen!} and uninstall the ones that you don’t use on a weekly basis. Have a bunch of apps that so basically the same thing? Keep your ride-or-dies and ditch the rest. You probably don’t really need eight apps for photo editing, five for music, and three for running, anyway.
  • Switch to streaming. All of that media you keep on your phone? It’s taking up your beloved selfie space. Seriously though–with the invention of things like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Apple Music, and Spotify, there’s no reason for you to keep full albums of music or downloaded videos that you never watch taking up your precious mobile gigs. Keep your favorites, stream the rest.
  • Reconsider your alerts. Do you REALLY need to know when someone likes your Instagram post? What about when someone comments on something you’ve commented on on Facebook? What about your Twitter followers favoriting a tweet that doesn’t belong to you? You probably don’t! Go into your phone’s notification settings panel and disable the alerts that aren’t important to you. And next  time you download an app, opt out of those unnecessary notifications from the start.

Have any tips to share for streamlining your electronic experience?



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