Seasonal bucket lists are kind of my jam. Reading them, writing them, seeing Instagram pictures of people checking off items included on them – I love it all. With the holidays roughly only 12 weeks away {um, OMG!} now is the ideal time to burn through a fall list of must-dos. Here are 12 things you should do before the season ends.

1. Watch a scary movie that freaked you out when you were younger. For me, this is The Ring or The Omen. Shudder.

2. Take a super cute photo for a holiday greeting. Perfect whether you want to get image made into cards, or just post it ironically to social media.

3. Do something different with your hair. Get THE chop. Dye it dark. Change up your part. New season, new look.

4. Plan a Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving extravaganza. Make the guest list, scour Pinterest for recipes, cook, bake, decorate your place. Get domestic.

5. OD on pumpkin goodies. There is more to life than the #PSL. Sample pumpkin tortellini, smoothies, bread, cookie butter, and pie while it’s all in season. Not a pumpkin person? Inhale apple everything instead.

6. Get a flu shot. Or, you know, don’t. Live dangerously. But definitely do try NOT to get the flu.

7. Head out for morning walks while it’s crisp, but before it gets absolutely frigid. It’s going to happen, so you might as well maximize your outdoor time while you can. Throw on a sweater and a scarf and go!

8. Make yourself a gift list. Because even if you never actually GIVE it to anyone, compiling a note {or Pinterest board!} of things you’re lusting over is a great way to pass the time. PS…Feel free to treat yourself!

9. Shop {and/or craft} for the people you love. Gifting goes both ways! Get it done early so you’re not scrambling around at the mall at closing time a week before Christmas.

10. Buy a blanket scarf. Because you KNOW you’ve been wanting one. Basic? Yes. But also comfortable, functional, and seasonal as hell.

11. Take a long weekend. Summer is quintessential road trip season, yes, but fall is the perfect time for a quick getaway or a romantic staycation. Check out the changing leaves, go to a bonfire, snuggle under a blanket, love life.

12. Go to at least ONE fall-themed event. Street fairs, festivals, and farmers markets are still up and running, but not for long! Take advantage of those cute, cheap, community activities before it’s too late.

What’s on YOUR fall bucket list?


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