…A casual compilation of the things I bought and loved this last month.


Hey, loves! This edition of The Purchase Report is coming in a little late…if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I was recently sidelined with a super-awesome ear infection, and have been basically useless for the last week. Thankfully, I took my last dose of antibiotics today, and am finally feeling better, so I wanted to make sure that I published my monthly love list ASAP. Here are a few of my favorite September purchases!

Lucy ‘Studio High-Rise Hatha’ Leggings

Via Lucy. {Click to shop}

I used to collect jeans. Now, I collect yoga pants. While I’ll forever be a fan of Lululemon’s Classic Wunder Unders, they have recently been dethroned by a pair of Lucy pants as the top-ranking pair in the lineup of my favorite yogas. Designed with a TRUE high rise fit and maximum compression, Lucy’s Studio High-Rise Hatha pants are a dream! They hug you in just right, don’t stretch out, and aren’t sheer during downward dog. Lucy’s Studio line was designed with studio-to-street sensibilities in mind, so there aren’t any distracting seams or outwardly sporty design elements that force your leggings to be “gym exclusive” pieces…perfect for the modern, busy, style-conscious babe. At $89 a pop, these are definitely premium yoga pants, but Lucy has frequent sales and constantly offers online discount codes that drive the price down quite a bit.

Essie ‘Devil’s Advocate’ Nail Polish

Via Essie. {Click to shop}

The ultimate better-than-black fall shade, Essie’s Devil’s Advocate is a super vampy, deep purple. It’s the deepest blackberry/black plum/eggplant shade you can imagine, making it perfect for fall. Even though it appears basically black in indoor or low-level lighting, the inky purple undertones are rich enough to temper the harshness that typically accompanies an all-black mani. All of Essie’s polishes are super high-quality, too, so two coats {max!} are all you need for  opaque, glossy nails. Pretty sure I’ll be wearing this shade all fall long!

La Vanilla ‘The Healthy Deodorant’ in Lavender Vanilla

Via Sephora. {Click to shop}

it’s not the first time I’ve written about natural/chemical-free deodorant on TSB, OR the first time that I’ve mentioned my obsession with all things vanilla, so it shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise that I love love LOVE La Vanilla’s healthy, vanilla-scented deo. I’ve tried both their vanilla coconut and vanilla lavender blends, and the vanilla lavender formulation just kills it. It smells like ice cream, you guys! What’s even better is that somehow, that crazy delicious ice cream fragrance isn’t made disgusting when you actually start to sweat. It doesn’t change at all throughout the day. Like any chemical-free deodorant, though, this formulation doesn’t offer much in the way of anti-perspirant properties and it probably won’t stand the test of a hardcore HIIT session…but it will keep you feeling fresh, pretty dry, and smelling AMAZING on a day-to-day basis.

Wildfox ‘I’m With Dreamy’ Sweatshirt

Via Poshmark. {Click to shop}

Sooo I technically didn’t purchase this item in September, but I’m so in love with it that I’m going to include it in this month’s roundup anyway. If you’ve ever encountered any apparel made by Wildfox, you know that their pieces are insanely soft. Like, pegasus-unicorn-hair soft. It’s dreamy and magical and cozy and once you put it on, you never want to take it off. This sweater is that times 100x. It’s deliberately oversized, has extra-long sleeves, and is the perfect thickness–like something you’ve owned forever and have expertly broken in. The “dreamy” message I chose is admittedly a little cringey when worn out in public with a beau and people think I’m serious/vaguely pathetic, but I’m so into it {and honestly, my man,} that I wear it pretty shamelessly. Plus I’m a Grey’s Anatomy junkie, so I just pretend that I’m with McDreamy {RIP!} when I’m rocking it solo. K, the McDreamy connection MAY have been the reason I was drawn to this top in the first place, whatever. It’s awesome and every girl needs a little Wildfox sass in her life.

What were YOUR favorite September purchases?



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