…Here are 10 of my favorite legit tips//real talk beyond “make your bed” and “moisturize”…though you should totally be doing those things, too.

1. De-clutter your personal space. A pretty, polished work {or relaxation!} space not only looks better, but will make you feel both more zen AND more productive. Tidy everything up, organize your goods, and strive to KEEP your space nice and clean. It always feels better to be in a clutter-free environment.

2. Carry an extra phone charge cord. Beyond keeping an iPhone charger at your desk, in your car, and by your bed, it’s never a bad idea to tote JUST a lightning cable or auxiliary battery with you if you’re traveling, or just expecting a very long and busy day. Either option takes up virtually zero space and will keep you sane. How can you be on top of your game if your battery is drained?! Exactly – you can’t.

3. Download the Wunderlist app. If you want to be more productive, need to keep track of tasks, or just want to feel instantly organized, downloading Wunderlist is a must. The mobile app allows you to make lists and to-dos that appear everywhere you need them–phone, computer, and tablet. I use it for everything from remembering daily tasks to jotting down my grocery list. You can set reminders, invite friends and family members to contribute to lists, and generally stay on top of things with Wunderlist!

4. Make sure you have actual food in your fridge. No matter how together you THINK you are, if all your fridge contains is Greek yogurt, a case of La Croix, and ketchup, you’re doing it wrong. Instead, top up on fresh and frozen fruits and veggies, a loaf of bread, nut butters, cheese, and maybe some form of meat. Eating well is a form of self-care, and even if you don’t actually COOK, having a full fridge that lends itself to {healthy} snacking is a definite plus.

5. Splurge on a nice jacket, and an even nicer pair of shoes. Footwear and outerwear can totally transform and elevate your look. If you don’t have go-to premium versions of each, stay on the lookout next time you make a trip to the mall. Keep these items simple and classic–if you’re dropping major $$$, you’re going to want to make sure that your chosen pieces will withstand the test of time. Even a pair of yoga pants looks better when teamed with a trench and an amazing pair of boots.

6. Subscribe to The Skimm. If you don’t watch the news or make a habit of reading the newspaper, you should probably get on a daily Skimm subscription, like yesterday. The email newsletter is published five times a week, and each edition features hand-picked, easy-to-read summaries of the day’s current events and top headlines. It’s the easiest way ever to get the news and stay informed.

7. Keep a Tide Pen and/or Shout Wipes in your bag. Constantly spilling on, dripping on, or somehow otherwise soiling what you’re wearing? You NEED a Tide Pen or a pack of Shout Wipes. Both work to clean you up immediately while working as a pre-treatment protecting your garments from stains. Even if you yourself aren’t a particularly messy chick, these two handbag staples ALWAYS come in handy at the least expected moments and keeping them on hand will probably make your friends/family/dates very grateful one day.

8. Paint your nails. Even if it’s the sheerest, whisper pink or simply a clear coat, well-manicured nails just add a certain element of class and polish to any look. There’s no need to use hand cream or cuticle oil or to spring for gels {though if you can swing it, go for it!} just set aside 10 spare minutes and give your hands some TLC. Instant chic!

9. Plan out and set out your outfit the night before. Setting out your clothes the night before pretty much ensures that you’ll leave the house looking stylish and put together {no early AM style decisions!}, AND it gives you a little extra time in the morning. Know what else makes you feel like you have your life together? More SLEEP. You’re welcome.

10. Take a daily multivitamin. I mean, would someone who DOESN’T have their life together do this? I think not! I’m partial to popping prenatal or hair, skin, and nails vitamins, but you can totally go the gummy route here, too. Do you!

What’s your go-to real life life hack?!



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