Negative diet thinking, in a nutshell, is all or nothing. For example, if you over-indulged at one meal, write off the whole day and go crazy. If you’re feeling gross and unmotivated, go with it! There’s no reason to try and make you real feel better with exercise. Always wait until it’s Monday to start your diet, and if you somehow messed up your Monday, wait until the NEXT Monday to get back on track. Sound familiar? Yeah–that sucks. It’s a way of thinking and living that’s totally not productive at all.

Oddly enough, though, you can actually use this kind of thinking to your advantage. Just adopt a new mantra: the 7pm rule.

Did you make it to 7pm without messing up {whatever “messing up” means to you}? Then it’s too late to start now.

HAHAHA, see that?! See what you did there?! Seriously…that’s it. It’s the 7pm rule. The day is basically over! You made it through the ENTIRE DAY living in a way that advanced your goals. After 7pm, there’s basically no day left. There’s also no reason to ruin your proverbial healthy living streak by eating a huge sugary dessert, binging, or grabbing fast food. It might be difficult to say no to a particularly difficult craving or a desire to emotionally eat, but you made it through the majority of the day. You’re already THROUGH the hard part! There’s literally no reason to change that after the clock has struck 7pm. Now, you get to spend what’s left of the night doing whatever else you please, and wake up tomorrow morning feeling accomplished and fresh. As someone who finds the post-dinner hours the most difficult times to eat healthfully and mindfully, this shift in thinking has been MAJOR. Here’s hoping it works for you, too!



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