Three weeks in and I’m feeling…


I know. Ugh. Honestly, weeks three and four have been uninteresting at best and discouraging at worst. This is the time in any program where I start to struggle–my motivation tends to dip {in a major way} around week three. I considered not even posting this update, because since nothing is new and exciting anymore, and I haven’t made any more progress on the scale, I felt like there just wasn’t much to say! But really, now that I think about it, these two weeks signaled a major shift for me and all things AG. Here’s what went down.

-I went a little crazy with food one day. Basically proved to myself that deprivation mindset is real, and feeling that way can lead to overeating. Okay–it’s not like I ate three pizzas and drank milkshakes and had donuts, but I didn’t eat in accordance to my goals one night last week, and I DID make myself uncomfortable. It was the perfect storm of PMS/feeling unsatisfied/being too strict with myself when it came to attempting to cut out dessert completely. Thankfully this ONE episode didn’t derail me though–I didn’t magically gain back 5lbs, and the next morning, I woke up feeling more committed and dedicated to the AG life than ever.

-I sought out tips and tricks for staying motivated. Okay…I’ve tackled motivation issues right here on the blog, of course, {check out THIS post for a TSB take on the topic} but taking your own advice is easier said than done. So, after treating myself to some new workout attire–which always makes me feel a little more awesome and inspired–I looked EVERYWHERE else for inspiration. Instagram. Facebook groups. YouTube videos. Blog posts. You name it, I tried it. After my splurge-y day, I was all about trying to reignite my passion for truly living well, and for me, that meant soaking up as much information as possible. Some of my favorite resources included THIS YouTube vid, THIS post from Pop Sugar, and THIS entire podcast from the fabulous Maddy Moon.

-I shifted my thinking. People can get really wrapped up in scale and aesthetic goals…I am for sure one of those people. While both of those things are admittedly still important to me, choosing NOT to focus on them {at least on an obsessive, daily basis} has been really good for me. In seeking out the information I mentioned in the bullet above, though, I had an almost-epiphany about how I measure my progress and what I view as “success”. Things don’t have to happen instantly {or even quickly!} and as long as I’m doing things that make me feel good and that get me closer to my goals, the day isn’t wasted. So, on the day-to-day, I’m focusing on really FEELING my best and doing all of the things that I need to do to feel great, and then I’m looking more at the general trend of my weight and looks a lot less frequently. It feels pretty good.

-We started a ‘Sunday Night Dinner’ tradition. Back in, oh, 2011 when Alex and I were just dating, he cooked dinner for us {from scratch} 5-6 days a week. In 2015, we’re lucky if we actually cook once a month! It’s so bad. The last three weeks, though, we’ve made Sunday nights our little at-home date night, and we use it to cook and have a meal together. Cute, right? Lolz. ANYWAY, even though we opt for takeout the majority of the week, I now find myself really looking forward to Sunday nights–trying saved Pinterest recipes, eating well, saving $, and bonding with bae are all good things. Baby steps.

What I’m working on THIS week…

  • Meal prepping for three healthy dinners.
  • Continuing to cut back on added sugar.
  • Getting in 35 minutes of dedicated “activity” time each and every day.

See you next week!



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