Hey guys! Checking in LATE this week {like, basically as late as possible – oops} with week two of my AG Project updates. Here’s what went down in week two.

-I bought a heart rate monitor! Remember how last week I was talking all about how I’m addicted to info and don’t feel like I got a legitimate workout if I can’t see tangible, numerical proof that I burned calories? THIS is my solution to that. And it’s pink! Fun fact: This is actually my third Polar heart rate monitor…The first, I got more than 10 years ago when I was in high school. It lasted for-ev-er and was amazing. The only reason I got rid of it is because I had to: my puppy chewed up the chest strap–aka the part of the system that actually tracks your heart rate–and rendered it useless. Other than that, though, it was perfect. When I upgraded to a new FT7 {only a few years ago!} I’m pretty sure I just ended up with a buggy model, because I had 99 problems with the thing from the beginning. My pretty pink Polar, though, is flawless, and it feels great to be able to SEE those numbers and have a new way to monitor my workout’s intensity. Good stuff.

-I started using TwoGrand {err, now OFFICIALLY “YouFood” on iOS}  to track my meals. I even created my own goals within the app before the update! I’m focusing on snacking only when I’m TRULY hungry and cutting way back on sweets…nightly desserts had become a thing for me this summer, and while I’m definitely not opposed to indulging {basically whenever possible!} things had gotten a little extreme. The YouFood update also offered a new “fridge” section, which allows users to save meal photos and recipes from the entire community, which is not only motivation to eat healthfully, but also super helpful for beginning cooks like me. You’re also now able to post not only food/drinks/meal items, but exercise, products and groceries, tips and discussions, and “journey/inspire”…The latter of which people use to post transformation photos and inspirational quotes. I’m loving the changes, and posting photos of my food is easy accountability AND just the change I needed from constantly counting calories.

-I’ve lost six pounds since my initial “summertime slump” post! This means that I am RIGHT in the middle of my self-appointed weight range. I even took some  “progress” photos so I could compare my 8/11 self to my 8/26 self. I look feel a lot less puffy and bloated than I did a month ago, but I still have work to do. Losing the initial water weight is pretty easy–it’s what comes AFTER that that sucks. Really though, I’m getting closer and closer to where I’d actually like to be, and that feels good.

What I’m working on THIS week…

  • Cutting back on nighttime eating {especially dessert!}
  • Snacking only when physically hungry.
  • GYM GYM GYM! Take advantage of those 90-Day Challenge perks we’re paying for.

Check back next week for more AG news!



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