…It’s the second installment of The Purchase Report–chronicling my best impulse buys, product empties, and all-around favorite things. Here’s what I bought {and LOVED} this August!

Out From Under ‘Valerie’ Lace Racerback Bralette

Urban Outfitters Valerie Bra

I’m pretty firmly as anti-bra as is socially acceptable, but I’ve fallen hard for the Valerie bralette from UO this month, which Alex spied on a mannequin and insisted I buy. Though I was initially hesitant about how much play it would get in my wardrobe, this bralette has become one of my most-worn pieces–so much so that I recently bought another one in black! Thanks to single-piece construction {i.e. no clasps, or detachable/adjustable straps} and ultra-stretchy lace inset, it is both insanely comfortable and stylish. I love wearing it under everything, but it goes especially well when paired with low and open-back dresses, off-the-shoulder tops, and anything with a wide arm or neck opening…The little peek of lace it provides is the perfect combination of sexy and cute. While it’s obviously not going to be the most supportive undergarment on the planet, it does a decent job of keeping everything perky and in place, and it provides awesome coverage under revealing clothing. It’s a must!

Isaac Mizrahi Magnolia Candle

Isaac Mizrahi Magnolia Candle

I never REALLY cared about scented candles until I hit ~23. After that? Game over. {I’m 25 now, for reference.} This being said, I’m quite picky about the candles I buy. The scent, price, and packaging all need to be JUST right. While I totally swoon over Diptyques, I just can’t with their $65 price tag, and most budget-friendly scented candles {I’m looking at you, Glade and Yankee!} actually smell rather awful. Isaac Mizrahi’s line of candles, though–which you can often find at TJ Maxx/Homegoods–is the perfect solution. The packaging is chic, {who doesn’t love crisp white-on-white with a splash of metallics?!} the fragrance is subtle but interesting, and at under $20 a pop, the price is completely right. It’s fabulous. Even though I typically gravitate toward all things vanilla or vaguely beachy and tend to avoid florals, I’ve been burning this “magnolia” candle for the last few weeks, and I can’t get enough of the complex sweet-meets-sultry scent.

Eyelash Extensions (!!!) via Divine Creation Beauty Bar

Lash Extensions

I got eyelash extensions on the first of this month and lived the most glamorous three weeks of my life with them. They are GORGEOUS. When I first had them done, I loved them so much that I made a promise to myself that I would forever maintain them, and have lash extensions until the day I died. They’re that good. The photo above? Doesn’t even fully do them justice. Because I want to try Latisse, though {because really–there’s just something about having your OWN everything,} so I’m laying off the falsies for the foreseeable future. If you want 24/7 length/volume/all-around foxiness and can swing the cost, I highly recommend trying eyelash extensions out. A caveat: Make sure you do your research on extension techs before booking your appointment! Bad extensions are no bueno, and can leave your lashes in awful shape. If you’re in the Chicagoland area, I highly recommend my girl Qia at Divine Creation Beauty Bar! She’s incredible, and her prices are totally reasonable. Bonus: she uses StyleSeat, so you can book your appointment online!

Hormonology ‘Hormone Horoscope’ App


This “purchase” was technically FREE, but it was so awesome that I felt it needed to be included here! The Hormone Horoscope app not only helps you to keep track of your monthly cycle, but it also provides daily insight into exactly what’s going on in your body/with your hormones on a day-to-day basis based on your unique menstrual cycle. It’s been SO interesting {and strangely empowering} to read my daily hormone-scope…The app has been right on all month when it comes to predicting and analyzing my feelings, body changes, and mood, and I love that the end of each “reading” includes a tip on how to make the most of your day based specifically on where you are in your cycle. Science, bitch!  If you’re a fellow information addict or science nerd, you’ll love it. Plus it’s totally free, so even if you download it and hate it, you’re not out any $$$. You can download it HERE.

What have you bought and loved this month?!



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  1. girl! it’s like you were reading my mind this month! i need that bralette! and i was literally just talking about wanting lash extensions… and CANDLES! I must get this one !

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