Practicing mindfulness–especially when it comes to focusing on the present moment–is a must when it comes to leading a balanced life. Choosing to live in the now {as opposed to fixating on the past or worrying about the future} is pretty widely accepted as a key way to a more full, fulfilling, and happy existence. It’s also awesome for your health, fitness, and lifestyle goals.

Here’s the thing: focusing in on your daily goals will cause your weekly, monthly, and yearly goals to fall before your eyes.

If you take things as they come, one day at a time, and focus only on knocking out the goals you set for each individual day, you’ll build crazy momentum that will get you closer and closer to your ultimate desire with minimal stress and anxiety. All those baby steps? They add up. Whether it’s adding an extra couple of minutes to your workout routine, drinking an additional bottle of water, or saying no to fast food for just one dinner, little changes can create big cumulative results. Breaking things down into teeny-tiny, super-attainable chunks not only helps you to feel accomplished and productive, but also ensures that you avoid overwhelm or burn-out. So, go to the gym TODAY. Eat well TODAY. Get eight hours of sleep TODAY. That’s easy, right? You’re only committing to one day of good behavior! Do what you can each day in the present moment, and you’ll likely hit your long-term goals sooner than you thought possible…and with minimal mental effort or anxiety.



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