Obsessed with this quote. {Source.}
Obsessed with this quote. {Source.}

One week down, eight weeks to go.

The first week of a new routine is the hardest, right? I actually feel like that isn’t true. The first week, for me, is usually pretty awesome. I’m motivated, inspired, and excited to get going. So last week? Last week was good. It’s the NEXT {roughly} four weeks that I need to worry about! Last week, I focused primarily on planning. For the sake of background, you should probably know that I set myself a 10lb weight range to generally live within. Since I’m 5’8″, 10lbs doesn’t realt make a HUGE difference on my frame. All of my clothes fit {albeit a bit differently} within this range. Typically, however, I like to aim to keep my weight within the lower 5lbs of this range. Right now? I’m at the high end…and not loving it. As I mentioned in my first post in this series, I’m using the AG Project to get back to my feel good, body-confident size. {Ultimate AG Goals: Get back to my comfortable, pre-summer, lower end of my weight range by 9/26–I’m going to a wedding that weekend!–and THEN, get especially tight and toned {AKA focus on those last 3-5lbs} for our October trip to Las Vegas}. I’m “getting back on track”, yes, but I’m also starting fresh. So yeah, last week, I was all about planning, defining, and deciding on all of the tools I needed to hit those goals. Here’s how it all went down.

I came to the realization that recording is a must for me. Whether it’s tracking calories, photographing my meals, or logging my workouts, writing everything down {or, you know, typing it all in} really helps to keep me accountable and on track. When I’m not consciously tracking, it makes it that much easier to snack during the day, cut a workout short, or grab something sweet after dinner. I’ve used MyFitnessPal pretty consistently–though without 100% accuracy–for the last few years. I log my meals, calculate calories burned, and monitor my weight with the app. It has a barcode scanner, weight change graphs, expert blogs, forums, pretty much everything you could ask for. I use it every day. While MFP is great, and does seem to help me to stay on track, I’m also getting kind of sick of it. I want more. Well, maybe not MORE, but different. Enter: TwoGrand. This winter, I got really into the app {now called YouFood?} which focuses less on counting calories and more on actually accounting for everything you eat with photographic evidence. Didn’t snap a photo? No worries–you can write a note detailing your meal or workout instead. I opened the app recently and found it really cool and motivating to back on my posts from roughly 6 months ago {in my body’s prime!} and see how I was eating and moving. The app is undergoing a pretty major overhaul for iPhone users {Android owners already have the update} and I’m SO excited to start using it again! I’m also excited to feel excited. I know myself–I won’t do something {or keep doing it, anyway,} if I’m not really excited about it.

That gym I mentioned in my last post? They’re currently running a program called the 90-Day Challenge. Depending on your goals, you can focus either on weight loss or on “transformation” for the duration of the 90 days. You can see photos of past winners and read about their journeys with the program here. What makes this challenge appealing to me is that it can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you choose. You can hire a personal trainer and come up with a plan and utilize the club’s nutritionist and generally be hardcore, or you can join the challenge and completely do your own thing while still benefiting from the structure of the program {think, weigh-ins, group fitness opportunities, and special seminars.} the deadline to sign up is less than a week away, so I need to make up my mind about participating ASAP!

I think that the only thing REALLY holding me back {besides #commitmentissues} is that I don’t currently have an accurate measure for tracking and measuring my workouts. I’m weird when it comes to working out. Like, if my “burn” wasn’t specifically calculated for me using my heart rate or a fitness band calibrated with my personal details, I almost feel like I didn’t work out at all. {…Almost.} I know logically that I’m doing something good for my body, and that even without having access to the exact statistical data that I still burned calories, but if I can’t SEE it, it feels like it didn’t happen. So! I either need to pop over to Target and pick up that Pink Polar watch I’ve been eyeing {and that everyone else has been Instagramming…} or just suck it up.

That brings us to…

What I’m Working on THIS Week:

  • Meal planning & eating at home.
  • Actually GOING to the gym & developing a new routine.
  • Using TwoGrand/YouFood to track my food.

Check back next week for more AG updates!



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