Taken from my Instagram @theskinnybreezy.
Taken from my Instagram @theskinnybreezy.

Inspired by this Instagram post.

…because who doesn’t love a good list?

  1. Nail polish namer. Flip over your favorite bottle of Essie/OPI/Sally Hansen/China Glaze and I can GUARANTEE that you’ll find a sassy polish name that has little-to-nothing to do with the color of actual shade you selected. I love that, and I imagine that being in a beauty think thank brainstorming pun-y, trendy, socially-conscious color names would be bomb. Essie has the best ones. Nail polish colors are ridiculous in the best way, guys. Plus, can you even imagine the personal collection of polishes you’d develop?! I die.
  2. Live-tweeter of The Bachelor. While this obviously couldn’t be my ONLY job, being paid to live-tweet any of the ‘Bachelor’ programs would be so bomb. As it turns out, some people actually DO get paid to do just this. I don’t think I could live-tweet any of the scripted shows I love {Grey’s, Scandal, Empire, etc} because I get too wrapped up and emotionally invested in what’s happening that I mentally and physically could not tweet. The Bachelor, though? I’m all about that drama. It’s one of the most entertaining shows that you don’t REALLY have to watch–you can half pay attention and still be fully aware of what’s going on. Dates. Drama. Make outs. Right reasons. Repeat. I love it. I’m insanely jealous that people have made a career out of tweeting about conspiracy theories, best-dressed recaps, and ‘winner’ predictions for this family of TV shows.
  3. Professional puppy cuddler. Like, 100 puppies. I used to want to OWN 100 puppies and be their pack leader or whatever. Really–can you THINK of anything better?! Puppies are so wonderful! They also pee a lot, and get into things, and make messes, and require a ton of attention. So yeah, I just want to cuddle with some now!
  4. In-house fashion stylist for a modeling agency/clothing label. I’ve been interested in styling pretty much forever. Fashion studies was my minor in college, and my only real extra curricular activity involved being a part of the campus Fashion and Business group and co-creating and editing my university’s first style publication. I’m obsessed with clothing, and I love picking out pieces and putting them together in interesting, unexpected, visually appealing ways. While I love {and made a career out of} writing about fashion, there’s something special that only comes with the  hands-on work that a stylist does. Working for a brand or agency makes this career path a little more practical than freelancing, but…
  5. Fashion stylist in general.  I’d go there. I mean, see above. Shameless Rachel Zoe dreams.
  6. Online dating coach/assistant/general relationship savant. Need someone to write your dating bio? Analyze those text messages? Reach out to a potential match with a witty note? Pick out your most flattering profile photo? I’ve totally got you.
  7. Professional blogger. Workin’ on it! 😉

If YOU could have any random {and amazing!} job, what would it be?!



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