What? I just really like flowers and emojis! {Source.}
What? I just really like flowers and emojis! {Source.}

Oh hey. It’s been a minute {again}.

Let’s catch up. I’m gonna jump on the blogger trend of doing a “currently”: the thinking-out-loud, focused-but-not, word-dump-style of a post…You’ve seen those before, no? This is my take on all of that. Here’s what’s up with me at the moment.

Feeling: Content. I’m FINALLY feeling settled in in our new place/city/state, and I love it here. It’s a BIG change from the last move, one that I couldn’t be happier about! On the other hand, I’m also feeling kind of…blah? I always always ALWAYS gain a little weight during the summer months, so that’s definitely part of my general malaise, but I’m also strangely uninspired. If you’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting as much on Instagram/Twitter/the blog, that’s why. Everything is really really good–things are going well all around–but my mind is just like, “nope”. Which brings me to…

Wondering: When this writers block will break! I haven’t been feeling particularly inspired to “create” or whatever for the last twelve weeks or so. I can’t explain it. It’s like…I don’t really have anything to SAY. Writing, which has always been my thing, has been weirdly difficult. I don’t get it. I don’t know. I hope that it changes this month, though.

Loving: Illinois. Enough said. ♡

Working On: Consistency. All around. Writing, working out, self care, all of it. I need to develop some new routines here, and get back into my normal rhythm of living. We’ve  only been here for a little under two months, so I think I’m still just trying to find my groove and adapt. Consistency will help, though.

Reading: More books. Last month, after watching the on-screen adaptation of Go Ask Alice, I got embarrassingly into the “Anonymous” series and read five of those {admittedly awful} works of fiction sold as “actual diaries of anonymous teenagers”. Lol. Over that. Right now, in an attempt to be a bit more age appropriate, I’m reading {and loving!} Judy Blume’s first book for adult readers, In The Unlikely Event. I currently have five other titles saved for later in my Amazon cart, though. I’ve said it before, but with such easy access to 24/7 information, entertainment, and other written content  thanks to my phone/iPad/computer, I’m just not into print materials like I used to be. I forget how much I enjoy unplugging and reading actual books! It’s something I need to make more time for, for sure.

Shopping: So much shopping. Summer sales are my jam, and I’ve been stocking up on some pieces for fall that I’m dying to wear. I also recently discovered Aritzia, and let me just say that I am OBSESSED. It’s seriously so good, you guys. I want everything in their stores. You should definitely look forward to the August edition of The Purchase Report, because we’re only four days into the month and I’ve already made decent progress on my list! {Oops.}

Watching: TV?! I was at an appointment this weekend and when I was asked what shows I’m into, it was SO difficult for me to think of what I’ve actually been watching! I mean, I live for TGIT and Empire, but since that’s all on summer hiatus, I’ve been changing things up. My current go-tos? A lot of embarrassing reality TV–think The Bachelorette/Bachelor In Paradise, Dating Naked, Extreme Weight Loss, and My Giant Life. Junk food. I also love MTV’s new confessional/reality/cautionary tale series One Bad Choice, and Lifetime’s latest scripted show, UnReal. Sidebar: UnReal is SO good!!! If you aren’t watching it, you MUST. Even if you’re not into The Bachelor franchise or reality TV or whatever. It just kicks ass. The finale actually aired last night, but I’m pretty sure all of the episodes are available online. Get on it.



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