Introducing The Purchase Report: My take on chronicling my best impulse buys, and documenting product empties…Because you guys know I LOVE to shop. Here’s what I picked up {and adored} this month.

OLLY ‘Restful Sleep’ Gummies

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I love light. I love high-wattage lamps. I love TV. I love my computer. All of those things? Artificial light. No bueno for circadian rhythm. I take precautions, though! I don’t have a TV in my bedroom, and we’ve pretty much banned laptops in bed {minus sick days} for the last year or so. Buuuut as much as I try to avoid it, my phone–IE, a very bright source of artificial light–usually ends up being the last thing I see each night. I’ve had some issues with falling and staying asleep, as well as waking up feeling groggy and gross, so I’ve been trying to find ways to get better rest without resorting to nightly doses of NyQuil or Benadryl. My holy grail? OLLY Restful Sleep. They’re little blackberry-flavored gummies that are packed full of natural sleep aids like melatonin, l-theanine, and botanicals that send me into a cozy, dreamy state ~30 minutes or so after ingestion. I love that they’re tasty, chemical-free, and gentle–these gummies truly lull you to a naturally sleepy state, rather than just knocking you out. I take two each night and fall asleep easily, stay asleep {or have zero issues getting back to sleep if I’m woken up in the middle of the night,} and wake up feeling fresh and clear, sans sleeping pill hangover. I’m obsessed!

Sally Hansen ‘Miracle Gel’ Top Coat + Nail Polish

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I’m a firm believer that every girl should experience a shellac manicure at least once in her life. It’s actually insane to go into a nail salon for an hour for a mani and spend the next three weeks with perfectly chip-free nails. It’s mind boggling. Innovations in beauty science! Unfortunately, not only can shellac gel get pricy, but it can also wreak havoc on the health of your nails. Naturally, beauty-minded babes were itching for a DIY. A handful of nail care companies attempted to create inexpensive varnish-and-UV-light systems to make the at-home gel manicure thing happen, but I found them all to be annoying and overpriced. Like, I really don’t want to have to do a base coat, a specialty polish, AND a UV gel top coat, and then sit my fingers underneath an itty-bitty light for five minutes at home every time I want long-lasting nail color, you know? I’d rather just pick a normal color and finish it off with my go-to quick dry top coat and deal with the chips as they happen. Now, I don’t have to! With Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel line, I seriously get the best of both worlds. No special steps. No UV light. No chips. None. For OVER A WEEK! Just cover your nails in two coats of your favorite polish {it doesn’t even need to be another Sally Hansen OR a special gel!} wait two minutes, and top it with the clear Miracle Gel top coat. The formula magically wraps your nails, locking in color and shine and banishing ANY chips/cracks/damage like no other. No light, no mid-week touch-ups, no salon price tag. It’s actually amazing.

L’Oreal True Match LUMI Liquid Glow Illuminator in Rose

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I touched on my appreciation for this awesome liquid highlighting fluid in my post on strobing, but since it’s so amaze, I thought it was only right to include it in my favorite things purchase round-up! LUMI Liquid Glow is quickly becoming my ultimate summer beauty product. The price is right, the rose gold shade is stunning, and I love how sexy and, well, GLOWY it makes my skin! According to the packaging, you can use the Illuminator over your other makeup, as a foundation primer, or as a shimmery accent on certain parts of your face. In my experience, you can also make the look as demure or dramatic as you wish by piling it on, {or not,} and liquid highlighters tend to last longer and look more natural than their powdered counterparts. I’m fond of the rose-hued LUMI Liquid Glow for personal use, but it’s also available in two additional shades that are sure to compliment any skin tone. If you’re into looking candle-lit and shimmery without glitter or sparkles, this is totally for you, too!

Standard Market Dark Chocolate-Covered Chipotle Almonds

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Crack. Almonds. I mean, dark chocolate-covered almonds are good and all, but these CHIPOTLE chocolate almonds from Standard Market take things to the next level. The almonds are crunchy, the coating is thick, and the subtle-but-spicy addition of chipotle is the perfect savory compliment to the deep, dark chocolate. And they’re healthy{ish}! Protein + healthy fat + antioxidants + metabolism boost?! It’s nature’s most perfect food. If you don’t live in Illinois and lack access to these, I am truly sorry because they are nothing short of incredible. Amazing. Addicting. I am addicted. Entirely worth their $11 price tag.

What have been your favorite July “things”?



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    • Aren’t chocolate almonds addictive?! Literally obsessed. Oooh, Tarte makes the best stuff! I’ll have to check out that bare shade–sounds gorgeous!

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