It’s no secret that I love love LOVE barre workouts. I’ve tried countless barre programs and formats and have come to develop a twisted sense of enjoyment of barre-induced DOMS. #burnssogood I mean, I call myself a “barre bunny” in my Twitter bio, guys. I’m serious about this {*insert crazy-face emoji here*} There’s just something about torturing yourself/pretending to be a prima ballerina a few times a week that I can’t get enough of. Another thing I can’t get enough of? The entire ballerina aesthetic. The long, toned limbs and effortless grace are part of it, of course, but what I covet most {and honestly, what is perhaps most attainable for a non-dancer} is ballet style. Warm-ups, costumes, lounge wear, I love it all…and I may or may not have watched Black Swan and Center Stage multiple times solely for sartorial inspiration. No shame.

Just last month, Ballet Beautiful creator Mary Helen Bowers announced a special line of luxury barre wear; think tutus, leg warmers, and luxe leos, available exclusively on Net-a-Porter. The collection is adorable–I want everything. What I don’t want? To have to pay high-end prices for a taste of ballerina style. You too? Read on. We’re about to get ballerina beautiful on a budget.

The ballerina outfit formula:

Tights + warmers + leo.

Ballet babes {and those coveting their look!} tend to opt for a uniform of solid-colored tights, leotards, and leg warmers. Traditionally, these pieces come in black, pink, and nude. Get started with these chic ballet basics below, which are just as cute {and functional!} both inside and outside of a studio.


  • Capezio Women’s Ultra Soft Transition Tights, from $9 @Amazon.
  • DKNY Light Opaque Tights, 2 for $25 @Nordstrom.
  • Angelina Professional-Grade Convertible Ballet Tights, from $7 @Amazon.

Leg warmers:


Critical ballerina extras:

Tutu + wrap + slippers.

I’m terming these pieces “extras” as they’re ballet-styled items that aren’t critical in the gym, but will provide major prima vibes on the street. I mean, what girl doesn’t secretly long to rock a tutu?! If it were socially acceptable, I’d probably do it the majority of days. Princess dreams. It’s fine. MHB’s collection of tulle skirts, however, run upwards of $150–totally not wallet friendly for such a whimsical piece–especially one that I may accidentally destroy at the bar{re} as far as I’m concerned. The wrap? Cute and cozy. And while you probably won’t be donning ballet slippers outside of a traditional dance class, its sister shoe, the ballet flat, never goes out of style.




Keep it {ballet} beautiful!



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