I love realness when it comes to blogging. It’s cool to see people open up, own it, and be genuine.The Internet gives us all a really interesting {and rather odd} opportunity to control how other people view our lives. We create our own perfectly-filtered narratives, posting only our proudest, prettiest, and most aspirational moments. We don’t record the boring stuff, and we DEFINITELY don’t post the bad stuff. It’s just the nature of social media. I think this is what makes getting a true peek into bloggers’/Instagrammers/Twitter personalities’ lives so interesting, you know? Chelsea Fagan recently pioneered #TotalHonestyTuesday, which is a concept that I’m super down with. Since it’s Tuesday and I’m feeling particularly inspired, I thought it was the perfect time for me to get involved. Here’s some realness about my beauty habits…Total Honesty Tuesday style.

Taking extremely hot baths.

What can I say? I like it steamy.
What can I say? I like it steamy.

Baths are my thing. I won’t ever stop taking them, because they’re basically the ultimate form of pampering, luxury, and relaxation. Unfortunately for my skin, I like my baths really, really, almost-ridiculously hot. Ultra-hot baths and showers basically suck the moisture out of your skin, which can be especially detrimental during winter months. To combat the potential damage I’m doing, I frequently add oils to my baths and always try to use a hydrating body cream directly after bathing.

Having an ultra-low-maintenance skincare routine.

You're looking at 50% of my skincare routine right here, on my bedside table.
You’re looking at 50% of my skincare routine right here, on my bedside table.

I’m 25. My daily skincare routine should probably consist of something more than makeup removing wipes, moisturizer with SPF, and an eye cream at night. I should have a system! A collection of products! A Clarisonic! Buuut I don’t. This is something that I’m {slowly} trying to change–I have my sights set on Glossier’s Phase 1 Set, which contains a face mist, moisturizer, perfecting skin tint, and a balm, because it’s for grown ups. Grown ups. Like I am. My skin is pretty decent now, but I wouldn’t be upset with some improvement. At the very least, I’d like to keep it this way!

Rarely using nail polish remover…in favor of fiendishly chipping the polish off of my nails.

Here's a picture of my nails looking nice for .2 seconds before the teeny tiny chip on my pointer finger drove me insane.
Here’s a picture of my nails looking nice for .2 seconds before the teeny tiny chip on my ring finger prompted further action.

Nail polish remover is just gross to me. I have a giant bottle of it, of course, and I TRY to use it when my nails are looking rough between manis, but nine times out of ten, I react to chipped nails not by wiping the remaining polish off of my digits, but by using my nails to manually chip off the rest of it. THIS IS BAD! Obviously. There is no way that this kind of trauma can be good for my nails. Obviously. But then…is dousing my fingers in chemicals REALLY a good solution? I don’t know. I’m torn.

What are YOUR bad beauty habits?!



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