I’ve been drafting a lot of beauty pieces lately, because I feel like summer is the ultimate season for makeup. Like, fall is for fashion. Spring is for fitness. Winter is for…cuddles? I’m not entirely sure what winter is all about. Regardless though, warm-weather beauty is the best of beauty. This being said, summer beauty–and thus summer makeup–is an entirely different beast than any other season due entirely to the aforementioned heat. Here are a few products to help tackle your summer beauty concerns flawlessly.

Oil absorbing sheets.

Ever notice that summer tends to turns your face into a lovely little oil slick? {…Just me?!} Combat that less-than-stellar situation by carrying around a pack of old-school oil absorbing sheets. Dewy is good, shiny is not. I love these because they’re an easy way to freshen up, mattify, de-slick, and keep pore size in check without messing up your makeup. Clean & Clear all the way, baby.

Makeup setting spray.

Getting your makeup to stay in place during hot summer days can be quite the task. If you want your coverage to last 24/7, you’re going to want to invest in a makeup setting spray. I swear by Urban Decay’s ‘All Nighter’ whenever I want to freeze my face–it’s heat proof, waterproof, sweat proof…basically life proof. At nearly $30 a bottle, it’s a bit pricy, but it works for a full 16 hours and all you need is a couple of sprays to seal in ALL of your makeup without melting, cracking or fading. It also touts a nearly-perfect recommendation/repurchase rate online. Looking for something a little more budget friendly? Try out this potion from e.l.f. or opt for NYX’s matte setting spray instead.

Waterproof mascara/eyeliner.

I’ll be real with you here: I loathe waterproof mascara. I feel like it’s not only more prone to flakiness, but that it also sticks to  lashes like tar, requiring extreme maintenance to remove. This being said, for whatever reason, sometimes you just HAVE to wear it. I mean…Beach? Water park? Exceptionally hot day? If you’re wearing eye makeup at all, you’re going to want it to be waterproof eye makeup. Avoid melting, streaks, and smearing by investing in a tube of inexpensive waterproof mascara like this one, and completing your look with an accompanying waterproof eye pencil. I’m partial to Stilla’s ‘Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner‘, as far as liner is concerned, because the application is flawless, it lasts forever, and it comes in a wide variety of shades.

What are your summer beauty must-buys?



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