In case you hadn’t heard, boxing has basically become the go-to model workout as of late. Considering the fact that boxing is a hardcore, calorie-torching, full-body affair, it isn’t too surprising that it’s been taken up by beautiful people for whom having a hot body is literally part of the job description. Bonus: it also provides ideal stress reduction and…um…aggression management 😉  Whether you’re pining for the sculpted shoulders, tight tummies, and impeccably defined arm muscles of a model or if you’re simply looking to de-stress while simultaneously improving your strength, coordination, and reflexes, look no further! Fighting just might be your jam. Looking to sweat it out model style? Here ya go! Check out one of these five online boxing routines and prepare to get tight and toned in no time.

1. Pop-Up Boxing Workout

{Via ELLE.}
{Via ELLE.}

An ELLE staffer profiles a VS Angel-tested boxing routine by famed trainer Michael Olajide, with moves demonstrated by model Kelly Gale. The circuit-style workout requires nothing more than optional hand weights, and is designed to “burn maximum fat and not build bulky muscle.” Perfect for sleek and sexy definition!

2. Fitness Blender Cardio Kickboxing Interval Workout

This follow-along style kickboxing video from Fitness Blender clocks in at just under half an hour, warm up and cool down included. High-impact and hardcore, this body weight-only routine is the perfect way to get in some quick cardio at home without hitting the treadmill.

3. Boxing Ideas 45 Minute Workout 

In the mood for a full-length routine? This video from Boxing Ideas runs for a full 45 minutes! Shot like a group fitness class, this workout is ideal for partner training. Love that it includes a timer to count down the minutes!

4. Tabata Boxing Routine

{Via The Ignited Life}
{Via The Ignited Life}

Tabata circuits are the king of fat-burning  thanks both to their intra-workout intensity and the requisite afterburn effect they produce. Focused on punches, kicks, and jumps, this boxing tabata workout from The Ignited Life features the printable routine seen above and video demonstrations that are available HERE. All bases officially covered.

5. Boxing Workout: Hit Like a Girl

{Via Women's Health.}
{Via Women’s Health.}

If you just want a little taste of the boxing trend, these three illustrated moves from Women’s Health are the perfect way to get started. Do the full interval routine up to five times a week, or simply incorporate the boxing moves into whatever regimen you’re already doing.

Have you ever tried boxing?



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