Hey guys! We’re officially a week away from SUMMER. Real, actual summer. I just moved into my new place on Sunday, and though it’s great to be HERE and not in a hotel, we’re not quite settled in yet. Between unpacking, painting, and generally setting up a new space, things have been a little hectic and I’ve been feeling kinda scrambled. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things as seamlessly as possible, but right now, updating the blog feels a little bit like going back to school after winter break…Rough. Once the craziness of the move calms down, I’m looking forward to a summer of relaxation, rejuvenation, and lots of ordinary days that I can spend focusing on TSB-related projects. There are a lot of cool things {read: not just posts and pics!} in the works that I’m excited to show you! Anyway, it feels way weird to be sharing my ‘link love’ piece this far into the month, but since it’s one of my favs, I figured that it was better late than never to get to posting. Here are 19 of my favorite reads for 06/15!


1. Totally bookmarked this Tumblr-sourced hygiene/beauty masterpostit’s a goldmine of beauty tips for your entire bod!

2. Familiar with Glossier? I kind of can’t contain my excitement about their Smells Like Vacation campaign. Find out what’s coming up next HERE! {Hint: It involves COCONUT!}

3. Another {flawless} beauty piece from Women’s Health: “How to Look Your Hottest for Skype Sex“…Trust me, just read it.

4. It’s BIKINI SEASON! If you need to update your swimsuit collection, Racked has your back with the complete guide to online swim shopping. Woo!

5. Speaking of bikini season, it’s also the perfect time to get your glow on. Keep it safe and sexy with these self-tanning tips from Byrdie.

6. She Finds is spilling secrets on exactly what to buy on eBay! Perfect for deal-hunting fashionistas and budding resale queens alike.


7. File under YIKES: This piece from Johannes Bohannon on io9 details exactly how he and a team of other researchers tricked the public into thinking that chocolate could help with weight loss. Super interesting! {But, umm, no.}

8. Want to stop craving junk food? You’re in luck! My Fitness Pal’s hellohealthy blog has a helpful how-to guide just for you!

9. Wait–this Women’s Health story, “How to Look Smokin’ and Not Just Sweaty) in your Race Photos“, is totally genius. Don’t act like you don’t want a cute race pic to post to Insta after your next marathon/fun run/casual 5k! 😉

10. A typical 9-5 doesn’t have to doom you to inactivity! Byrdie’s Alina Gonzales has tips and tricks for making your desk job less sedentary.


11. You guys know that I love a good list, especially when it’s one that deals with health, vitality, and general wellbeing like this one by Chloe for Native Moon Magazine.

12. #bodyposi! Bustle has a sick collection of blogger quotes-turned-memes that preach body acceptance and self love, no matter your size.

13. Feeling sad? Check out this list of super-cute animals from xoJane!

14. According to BoingBoing, there’s only one technique to use if you want to learn something new. Talk about a major life hack!


15. Loving this Thought Catalog piece by Kirsten Chen about the similarities between personal finance and dieting//exercising! Too true.

16. You’re probably using emojis wrong, just FYI.

17. From POPSUGAR, here’s a breakfast hack that will totally change your morning oatmeal experience. Because cooking falls under the lifestyle heading, no?

18. If your place needs a quick update, check out this super-cheap, super-cute, DIY decor and room makeover advice courtesy of The Girl and the Adventure!

19. Finally, just because it’s awesome, Thrillist’s definitive ranking of all 27 Pop Tart flavors. Totally want a Pop Tart now, thanks guys.

What links are you loving lately?



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