Get ready for summer lovin’, cuties.

1. An orange-red lipstick. Red lips are the perfect compliment to a summer tan–take it from Wendy Peffercorn and co. Some of my favorite shades include YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in OrangeLipstick Queen’s Lipstick in Jungle QueenNARS’ Satin Lip Pencil in Mandarin Orange Red, and tarte’s Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Warm Red. Keep your eyes bare {no mascara is totally the name of the game here!} and pop on a pair of oversized sunglasses for an especially tropical-chic look. Not a fan of orange/red/coral? Buy a tube of something raspberry and thank me later.

2. A collection of cute bikinis. Because one is never enough. Let’s be real–you need at least three: your 24/7 go-to, the flashy $$$ suit, and something a little sporty for the days when you want to do more than just tan. Target is the holy grail for cute, cheap staples and Victoria’s Secret’s current Semi Annual Sale has ‘kinis galore on clearance. Peep my swimwear trend forecast HERE.

3. Sunscreen. Duh. Practice safe sun, babes, and apply at least an SPF-30 ALL OVER before catching any rays. But you already knew that 😉

4. A pair of white jeans or shorts. White jeans and/or shorts are crucial pieces of the chic girl’s summer uniform. From skinnies to flares, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of white pants. Style with chambray, pastels, metallics, wedges–pretty much anything goes. Pro tip: have a tailor cut out the pockets for a nice clean line and look.

5. A beach read or two. The trashier and more mindless the better, in my opinion. {Have you read 50 Shades, or the books that inspired them all–the Twilight saga?! No judgment.} Tis the season for “chick lit“, so feel free to own it. Or not. Do you – just pick up something new to read. Go wild on Amazon and order $.05 books and pay $3.99 for shipping.

6. A cute tumbler to encourage you to stay hydrated. It works! Fill this baby up with water, lemonade, or tropical cocktails.

7. Tickets to an outdoor music festival. I PROMISE you, even if you think you’re “not that kind of girl”, there’s a summer music festival out there that will appeal to you. There’s no better summer night out than one that includes watching an artist you love perform under the stars. Hitting the daytime circuit? Perfect–you get to ignore your responsibilities {temporarily, anyway} and work on your tan. See also: festival food…and the BEST people watching.

8. A portable speaker to blast your favorite summer jams. Beaches. BBQs. Impromptu dance parties. You’d be surprised how often a cute little speaker comes in handy. If you find yourself without one, though, you can magnify your music volume by placing your phone speaker-side down in an empty glass.

9. A badass beach towel. I’m currently lusting over the round, tribal print, blanket-style Aussie towels that are making the rounds on Instagram, which means checking Etsy daily for Aussie-inspired beach blankets. $100 price tags aside, Besides, it’s a functional accessory! Keeps you dry, claims your spot, can double as a blanket…Totally worth investing in.

What are your summer essentials?



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