Trust me…you want this.

Want in on a dirty little secret of mine?

I…watch The Bachelor.

Right now, technically, I’m watching The Bachelorette, but you get the idea–I’m one of THOSE girls. I kind of don’t know how it happened, though! I mean, I watched the first few seasons in the 6th or 7th grade, but had fully ditched the show by the time I entered high school {mostly because by the time I’d finished watching Joe Millionaire, nothing was the same. That show was TV gold}.

ANYWAY! I somehow started tuning into The Bachelor franchise again in winter of 2013, so I’ve seen Des’, Juan Pablo’s, Andi’s, and Chris’ seasons thus far. While watching Chris’ season, I developed a major girl crush on Britt Nilsson, who was ALMOST this season’s Bachelorette. If you’re unfamiliar, Britt is the cutest thing ever, has perfect hair, and kinda reminds me of Topanga from Boy Meets World. Another thing about B? Her makeup game is flawless. Aside from her expertly-applied cat eye, the one staple of her look I found myself envying most often was her signature bright fuchsia lip. That lip color of hers was so signature, in fact, that she seemed to be sporting it 24/7. Obsessed.

Yep, she's perfect, and so is her lip color. It's fine. {Images via Pinterest.}
Yep, she’s perfect, and so is her lip color. It’s fine. {Images via Pinterest.}

As it turns out, the Internet is as obsessed with Britt’s berry-tinted lips as I was“lipstick” auto-populates in Google after typing in Britt Nilsson. So…what IS she wearing?! A number of blogs have attempted to color match, claiming that the shade in question could be anything from Kat Von D to Urban Decay to Bite Beauty to MAC. According to a caption from Britt’s own Instagram account, though, the color responsible for her gorgeous pout is “$1.99 from CVS.” Commenters seem to think that it’s Wet ‘n Wild’s “Cherry Picking”. Um, SCORE! Only I went to CVS, and Cherry Picking was nowhere to be found. And though I loved the look, I wasn’t willing to drop roughly $20 on any of the above mentioned brands, either. Then fate intervened: I found Forever 21’s Love & Beauty Mega Color Lip Crayon in Berry. Color? Perfect match. Cost? $2.90! I think Britt would approve.

This is my first foray into Forever 21’s beauty department, and based on this experience, I’m a fan! The crayon glides on, the color is deep and vibrant, and the longevity–especially for makeup that costs less than $5–is totally reasonable. Oh, and if you didn’t know, a bright berry lip looks good on literally every skin tone…perfect for summer! Pick up your own Mega Color Lip Crayon HERE, or head to your fav Forever 21 and browse their beauty collection in its entirety. Get it, girl! ♡

Oh, and super-important sidebar: have you guys SEEN Forever 21’s activewear selection lately?! It’s insane. Sports bras with intricate back detail, a giant selection of yoga and running tights, shorts with sick prints and cut-outs, and a collection of fitspo-inspired  graphic tees and tanks. They even have headbands! Socks! Hair ties! It’s a wonderland of reasonably priced, fit girl essentials worthy of another post in and of itself. Really though–go check it all out HERE, or in person.

Thoughts on berry lips? And more importantly…do you watch The Bachelor/ette?!



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