Hi, guys! I’m back! Sorry for the mini hiatus…as you may have guessed from the subject of my last post, I was fighting a little spring cold. Today is the first day this week that I’ve really started feeling NORMAL, which is convenient because it also happens to be beautiful outside today! I’m feeling really happy and grateful and awesome, because let’s be real–there’s only so many Lifetime movies and seasons of Weeds that a girl can watch before she starts to go insane.

Aside from my wellness-sparked bliss, though? I’m also feeling kind of terrified. We move in, oh, 72 hours, and I still haven’t completely come to terms with it. Like, I haven’t started prepping for the move AT all {mostly because I’ve been under the weather, but also because it doesn’t feel real}. I’ve adored living in our sun-soaked condo the past 13 months…it’s probably what I’ll actually miss most about living HERE! Anyway, we move out of this place on the 31st, but our new townhouse won’t be ready for us to move into until the 15th of next month, which means I’ll be living in some sort of Suite Life-style limbo for the foreseeable future. Yikes. I mean, I’m looking forward to the new Chicago adventure and everything, but the two weeks in between here and there are going to be interesting to say the least.

Since I’m feeling a little frazzled and topics for structured posts aren’t coming naturally, I figured today would be the perfect time to join in on a popular blogger link-up that I’ve been loving for-ev-er: Thinking Out Loud Thursdays, created by Amanda of Running With Spoons. If you want a peek into my life ATM or if you’re a fan of casual rambles, this is for you? Here’s my first shot at TOL.

Things I’ve been thinking about lately…

  • SKORTS. I own one skort. It’s by Free People, it’s black, it’s vegan leather, and it was probably made for someone who is approximately 5’2″. I am 5’8″. It is extremely short. I still wear it, but whenever I do, I feel compelled to announce {as casually as one can} that it’s a skort, not a skirt, because there’s no way I’d ever wear an actual skirt that is so-very-abbreviated in length. Wearing it commits me to a night of “HAHA, no no, this is a SKORT! It has shortie shorts under it, so it’s totally fine! It’s the best thing ever!” So yeah, skorts are cool and I probably want more.
  • BOOKS. You know how you never have great wifi {slash any wifi at all} the first few days after you move into a new place? I’m planning ahead, and I’m actually kind of excited about it! I’m a huge reader, but I find that with all of the Internet’s content literally at my fingertips, sitting down and reading actual, physical books has fallen by the wayside for me. Not during the no wifi period! I’m stocking up on books to read, which include The Girl On The Train, How To Be Parisian, and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Oh, and I also want to finally finish #GIRLBOSS, which I started in late January. Shameful. Any recommendations?
  • SHE SHEDS//BABE CAVES. In case you weren’t aware, the “she shed” is the modern girl’s answer to the “man cave”. They’re currently trending. I’m totally getting in on that madness. One of my favorite things about our new place is that I actually get to have an entire room of my own. Not a closet, not a living room, not shared space. MINE. Needless to say, my Pinterest has been getting an exceptional amount of action recently as I’m constantly pinning and re-pinning goodies from Houzz, Tumblr, and various design blogs. I’m so excited to have my own, just-for-me space, and I fully intend to make it super babe-ish and feminine. I’m all about tufted furniture, mirrored everything, chic bar carts, vintage trays, and luxe textures. Pretty sure it’s going to be my oasis for blogging/projects/anything creative. Can’t wait!
  • SUMMER SHAPE. Fun lil backstory with this caption–when Alex and I were first dating, he was super into P90x and followed the eating and exercise program pretty much to a t. One time, after we had spent the day together, I remember chatting with him about his workout routine and him suddenly being REALLY upset that he’s missed a day. It was hilarious. He was all, “no babe, I have to get into SUMMER SHAPE!” {Note: not true at all–he already looked awesome and had a six pack, so…} Anyway, now whenever I hear or think of the whole bikini season/beach body/getting in shape for whatever season, I giggle a little and remember summer shape. Lolz. So yeah though, project summer shape is ON. I’m beyond thrilled to be participating in a program that’s being put on by the beautiful Amber Williford, called “Beat Belly Bloat”. The 28-day program includes an elimination diet/whole foods cleanse, HIIT workouts, live calls, a FB support group, and so much more. You can find out more about it HERE, at Amber’s site, Awakened Nutrition. With everything that’s been going on in my life, this program couldn’t have come at a better time! I seriously can’t wait to get started with everyone on 6/1!

…I’m going to continue to embrace my current blissed-out vibes and take my puppies on a sunny walk. ♡ 

What are you thinking about this Thursday?



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