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Food guilt is a topic that really resonates with me, and probably with a lot of you guys, too. Honestly, that’s unfortunate. Food guilt sucks. Naturally, when I received the opportunity to be an official “Food Mood girl” and preview Lindsey Smith’s new book, Food Guilt No More, I was over the moon…I just KNEW this was something I had to cover on TSB. We live in a world where diet culture runs rampant. Food and eating, for many of us, has become oddly black and white: good or bad. I mean, how many times have you heard another woman remark “oh, you’re being good!” if you decide to skip the bread basket, or are legitimately too full after dinner to split a dessert? Have you ever felt badly about ordering a cheeseburger instead of a salad? Exactly. Food, as a whole, probably shouldn’t be viewed as “good” or “bad”, but select dietary choices certainly elicit those responses…both internally and externally.

Sometimes, maintaining the balancing act that is healthy living can truly feel like WORK. It can feel like an obligation, or worse, an obsession. That obsession can lead to a strained relationship with food. A key player in that relationship is food guilt. Food guilt, according to Lindsey, is those bad vibes that we associate with eating {or NOT eating!} certain foods. It can have roots that are both emotional and physical. It can deal in indulgence or in deprivation. In Food Guilt No More–which is part cookbook, part workbook, part self-help guide, and all around incredible–Lindsey aims to help readers conquer that guilt and negativity and learn to live a more radiant life.

Food Guilt No More isn’t your standard diet OR self-help book. It’s all-encompassing, covering topics like consequences of stress, the tie-in with food and mood, and the importance of energy with cooking and eating. Through a series of workbook pages and journaling activities perfect for spurring self-discovery, along with a myriad of tips, tricks, and healthy recipes, you’ll figure out what works for YOU. You and your beautiful, strong, capable body, yes, but ALSO your amazingly full life. Banishing food guilt means pulling the focus away from your eating demons and paying attention to {other} things that will expand your life and bring you joy. The good crowds out the bad. New voices muffle the food noise. Lindsey makes all of this totally accessible and entertaining. Her main takeaway? The food freedom paradigm: Think good thoughts. Eat real food. Love yourself. Repeat as necessary. Personally, I’m obsessed.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to dine without guilt, enjoy your food, and truly savoring your life, check out Food Guilt No More! Visit Lindsey’s website at FoodMoodGirl.com, and pick up a copy of her book HERE.



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  1. Liza,

    I love this post! I’m glad you had the chance to review this book & post about it!
    It definitely seems to be something I would love to read.
    Adding it to me *must read* list 🙂


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