It’s officially May. Actually, it’s officially almost June. Things are officially heating up. Warmer weather = less clothing. Working hard on that body? You deserve to show it off! Cute workout threads are nothing new {I’ve covered the phenomenon here, here, and here} but the current trend toward moderate coverage gym clothes is coming in HOT. Street-to-studio style is one thing…this crop of pants will take you from barre to bar. Because seriously–they’re hot. Sporty. Stylish. Sexy. The fit girl dream. Here are three types of trendy, daring tights to peep this season.

Laser Cut

Blue Life Fit Laser-Cut Leggings, via Urban Outfitters.
Blue Life Fit Laser-Cut Leggings, via Urban Outfitters.

If your style veers toward sultry, laser cut pieces will probably be your jam. Laser-cut garments have been around for the past few seasons, but NOW you can wear the new crop of clothing to the gym. I mean, score, right?! Since laser-cut apparel is inherently delicate, if you’re considering adding a pair of LC tights or two to your collection, you’ll probably want to splurge on something high-end. Proper construction is a must for longevity, especially if you’re actually wearing your tights IRL and at the studio. Speaking of real life, though, I’m particularly fond of laser-cut pieces being worn as actual, out-of-gym apparel. They’re sexy and intriguing in the best way, and are easily styled with wardrobe staples like ankle boots and tunic tops for day, and heeled sandals, tank tops, and leather jackets at night. Oh, and they’re super comfortable. Add some accessories and you’re golden!

1. Blue Life Fit Lasercut Leggings.
2.  So Low Lace Side Panel Crop Leggings.
3. Lululemon Wunder Under Laser-Cut Crops.


Without Walls Mesh Cropped Leggings, via Urban Outfitters.
Without Walls Mesh Cropped Leggings, via Urban Outfitters.

I feel like mesh-accented tights are the perfect combination of naughty and nice. They’re sassy and eye-catching, but they’re also a little more covered than cut-outs and full-on, laser cut pieces. You also don’t have to be as obsessively careful with mesh inserts as you do with laser cuts–they’re generally sturdier and more durable, and since the holes in mesh are tiny, you don’t have to worry about snagging/ripping/destroying your tights every time you pull them on. Another bonus? “Power mesh” items are made with athletic pursuits in mind, so you can expect killer stretch and compression at the gym. Tights with mesh inserts are available at pretty much every price point these days, and cuts vary from simple mesh trim and inserts to full-on, strappy, sexy styles. Choose your own adventure. They’re daring, but they’re also functional. They make a statement, but they’re not insane. Mesh is a good sartorial starting point for the sexy-meets-chic studio girl. Day-to-day, I like to style mesh tights pieces that are more casual and flowy for intentional dichotomy: Flats + a dolman-sleeve shrug + tank top, go. Sneakers, if I’m doing lots of errands or going to the airport. They’re the yoga pants that you won’t feel guilty about wearing 24/7, even out at night…you’ll just look really chic.

1. Solow Mesh Panel Leggings.
2. Heroine Sport Racing Capri Leggings.
3. Zella ‘Live-In’ Optic Capris.


Without Walls Crisscross Leggings, via Urban Outfitters.
Without Walls Crisscross Leggings, via Urban Outfitters.

Arguably the most sporty variety of tights in this roundup, peek-a-boo and cut-out pieces can offer sex appeal on a smaller scale. Where laser-cut clothing typically focuses on creating large patterns through itty-bitty holes, peek-a-boo styles focus instead on straight, strategic cuts that typically showcase a bit less skin. A few slices on a hemline offer a ladder look, a few more on the waist create a laced-up effect, and classic cuts that span the entire leg always invoke a particularly model-off-duty vibe. Show as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. While you can totally wear peek-a-boo pants out and about at night, I prefer saving these for shopping trips and especially stylish gym and studio romps–think, boutique fitness classes orrrr any event where you know you’ll be photographed–and styling them with sneakers. The whole sporty vibe is super cute for daytime looks, regardless of whether or not you actually worked out.

1. Blue Life Fit High Waist Laced Leggings.
2. ONZIE Cutout Capri Leggings.
3. Splits59 Nova Circuit Capri Leggings.

Would you rock any of these tight trends?!



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