No matter what season it is, between-season dressing always comes with a unique set of styling challenges. Temperatures can vary wildly, trends can feel inaccessible, and you can become sick to death of wearing the staple pieces {that you used to love!} from the season prior. How do you look cute, but stay warm? How do you avoid overheating by the end of the day? What trends can you start wearing now, and which ones should you wait to incorporate until it’s actually summer?! So. Many. Issues. While these are all totally valid concerns, you’ll probably be happy to know that if you’re thinking this way, you’re making things entirely too complicated. There’s a three-step formula for nailing transitional dressing, babes. Between-season style can be totally simple–here’s how to get dressed.

1. Buy basics in lighter colors.

If you need a way to majorly update your wardrobe without spending a ton of money, simply switching your dark-hued basics for lighter, breezy, wear-all-the-time pieces is the way to go. Ditch dark jewel tones, slate grey, and black in favor of cream, nude, and blush. Pick up a pair of white jeans. Let chambray make a cameo and you’re golden. Think of the difference in appearance between an eggplant tank, jeans, a grey scarf, and gold jewelry, versus the same jeans, a blush-colored tank, grey scarf, and gold jewelry–the lighter tank lightens up the whole look, making it perfectly seasonable with minimal effort. Instant warm weather appeal!

2. Try new textures.

Another easy way to look summer-y between seasons? Start incorporating summer fabrics! Put away your chunky knits, cords, and suede. Instead, seek out summer faces like lace, eyelet, and jersey. If you want to go really crazy, try seersucker or linen. Start small, and dress for the current weather conditions. Stop wearing the fabrics that you associate solely with the cooler months! You don’t have to put on a sundress and freeze just yet…Though a sundress + a cute denim jacket or vest DOES make a great transitional outfit 😉 From blouses to scarves to accessories, this little shift in materials can have your outfits looking and feeling less like sprinter {that’s spring/winter, natch} and more like summer.

3. Mix and match with abandon.

This tip is twofold: One, LAYER LIKE CRAZY, and two, intentionally mash-up pieces from different seasons. Dressing for daily {and sometimes hourly} temperature fluctuations is one of the biggest challenges that goes along with between-season styling…layering will be your BFF during these times of the year. Top up on scarves, sweaters, hats, and light jackets, adding and subtracting items to match the climate. Layer with pieces from all seasons to create a look that’s both functional and stylish. Fashion loves dichotomy–don’t be afraid to create outfits that feature winter + summer staples, spring + fall, etc. I mean, how cute are denim cut-offs {summer} when paired with ankle boots {fall/winter}?! Or destroyed boyfriend jeans {fall} teamed with an eyelet tank {summer} gladiator sandals {spring/summer}, and a Panama hat {winter}? …Exactly. Don’t be afraid to mix things up!

How do you deal with dressing in the in-between? Any tips to share?



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