If I’ve realized anything the past two weeks or so, it’s that good stress is definitely still stress. I’m currently dealing with a lot of {awesome!} little life updates, and I’ve been majorly neglecting my online activities/responsibilities in favor of IRL demands, like traveling, apartment hunting, and preparing for our impending move. Things are a little chaotic at the moment, so I apologize for blog posts that have been few and far between, and engagement and interaction on Instagram that has been sporadic at best! Everything is good, and things should be back to normal soon! ANYWAY, now that all of that is out of the way, it’s time to catch up with some link love. Here are all of the stories you need to click on ASAP!


1. Want to run a marathon? You can! Currently obsessing over this massively inspiring read from Literally Darling on Abbie’s journey to becoming a marathon runner.

2. An editor from ELLE created her own Victoria’s Secret Angel bootcamp, including following the “6-Step Angel Diet”. Interesting and surprisingly sane/real-world applicable!

3. Love the “Dad Bod”? Heard of the “Dad Bod”? Check out the piece that arguably started it all, from The Odyssey, because you’re about to be hearing about this one a LOT. 


4. This article about the online life of former UPenn student Madison Holleran has been heavily shared on Facebook in the past few days, and it is such an important reminder about what we all share on social media. It’s only part of the picture.

5. I’m generally pretty into articles about self-improvement and increasing your overall happiness level, but there are only so many stories you can read about taking a walk and making gratitude lists before you start to feel crazy. That’s why I appreciate this article from Self that focuses simply on shifting your thinking, with 10 questions to ask yourself to get happier STAT.

6. Similarly, this post from Marc and Angel Hack Life features seven ways to change your attitude when you can’t change anything else. So good.


7. xoVain covers badass Aussie beauty finds…& I want everything.

8. From Who What Wear, “Which Fashion Companies Have the Coolest Perks?” Spoiler: One of the companies profiled offers their employees access to on-demand weekly manicures and massages, and almost all of them tout unlimited vacation.

9. Subscription boxes meets DIY meets beauty with Loli, the natural beauty kit that delivers ingredients and recipes to make your own beauty products! Well + Good has the scoop.


10. Leave it to Greatist to discover an app that helps you stop wasting food and money! Downloading immediately. {Oh, and while you’re at it, go check out their story on the different types of expiration dates and what they all mean.}

11. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been traveling so much, but this story on the best ways to sleep on a plane from Byrdie totally speaks to my soul.

12. BRB, messing with the NYT rent vs buy calculator for the next three hours.

13. Finally, Refinery29 has 10 easy ways to save $250 this week, because who doesn’t want more $$$ for shoes?!

What have you been reading/loving lately?



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