TGIT, lovelies! Checking in with a little lifestyle post: a massive list of stuff to do…just in time for date night 😉 Consider this your personal guide to spending time with your boo without breaking the bank. Proof positive that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have an amazing time.

1. Meet up for breakfast. Restaurant breakfast prices are lower than their evening counterparts and there’s no better way to start your day–even a random Monday–than with a cute date.

2. Jump around at an indoor trampoline park. Indoor trampoline parks are popping up everywhere and the prices are generally pretty reasonable. Unique, fun, fit. Love.

3. Check out…interesting local events. Pageants? Community theater productions? Fashion show? Bodybuilding competitions? Poetry slam? Dog show?! Facebook, Yelp, Google, Craigslist, and TimeOutWorld are your friends. The weirder the better. Entry fees are generally cheap, and the entertainment is pretty much amazing.

4. Go to the humane society and hold puppies and kitties. Critters, guys! Legitimately one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon.

5. Hit up a bookstore. Wander through the aisles, pick up some random titles and magazines, and kick back in cozy chairs to read together. Bring or get coffee for bonus points.

6. Take advantage of local deals. Sites like Groupon, Gilt City, LivingSocial, and Amazon Local make it incredibly easy to find discounts on local activities and attractions. You can find everything from spa treatments to sporting events to discount dining.

7. Make, bake, or DO something from Pinterest. Indulge your creative sides and pick a random project to do together. Awesome because if it turns out terrible, you have a story and your very own Pinterest Fail to share. Make this competitive by buying the same stuff and doing individual versions of the same project.

8. Document your day with a disposable camera. Buy a disposable camera from a drugstore and take a bunch of pictures throughout your date to chronicle your time together. Go get them developed later that night. Gush about how cute you are.

9. Go to the beach. The beach is always the right answer…unless it’s cold/rainy/winter. Not cold, rainy, or winter? GO TO THE BEACH! Bring music and snacks.

10. Do happy hour at a ritzy venue. Get fancy and hit up happy hour at an expensive hotel, trendy new restaurant, or rooftop bar. Same experience, less money.

11. Shop {and maybe swoon} at IKEA. See also: Costco. If it’s good enough for The Bachelor, it’s good enough for you!

12. Have a picnic somewhere pretty. Pack or otherwise procure your favorite picnic cuisine and camp out somewhere scenic. Top choices include arboretums, botanical gardens, and beaches.

13. Host a DIY wine tasting. Go buy a few bottles of cheap wine and pour yourselves tiny tasting flights. Pair with cheese and fruit. Discuss flavors. Pick favorites. Get tipsy. {Note: I don’t drink much, but I’d totally replicate this idea with cupcakes.}

14. Go to a museum. Some are free! Others are super cheap, or have discounted rates for off-peak times or special nights of the week. It’s like an adult field trip.

15. See a movie at a discount theater. Yes,  selections are usually limited and the movies are typically a little less current, but ticket prices are crazy cheap and you can use the money you saved to buy snacks.

16. Catch the sunset/look for stars. I mean, how adorable is this?! Catch the sunset from your balcony or take a drive out of the city to see the stars. I did this on vacation once and it was super romantic and basically free. Sunsets and stargazing make for the perfect summer date, trust.

17. Go thrifting together. Check out Yelp for recommendations on the best shops to hit, then set a budget and see who can find the best/weirdest stuff within your price range.

18. Get really bad seats at a live event. Big concert? Sporting event? Awards show? You can go and have an amazing time without spending a ton of money! Get really bad, cheap seats {like, the worst you can possibly find} and watch the jumbo-tron the whole time. It’s an experience. And hey, you get to say you were there!

19. Pick your own produce! Go to www.pickyourown.com and search for farms in your area. Pick yourself cheap, local, in-season goodies. Cook dinner/dessert/whatever with what you picked…or just eat it all on your way home.

20. Get milkshakes together. Bonus points if you share one shake with two straws.

21. Go indoor rock climbing. While this is admittedly not the most wallet-friendly idea on this list, indoor rock climbing is a must-do date, at least ONCE. You get to share some adrenaline, activity, and a new experience. It’s also really fun and kind of sexy.

22. Be tourists. Hit up your town’s most stereotypical attractions. Alternatively, find strange tourist traps to check out–think caves, breweries, believe-it-or-not stops, or random statues or monuments. Rent bikes. Take lots of pictures.

23. Go to fairs, festivals, and free concerts. Summer is festival season–there’s something going on EVERY weekend. Google events near you and plan out a fun day together, from carnivals to cultural events to live music. And hey, even if the event itself is lame, the people watching is typically worth the price of admission.

24. Go play bingo. Bingo halls are super weird and way entertaining, plus you can win $$$! There’s literally nothing better. If you’re too cool for all of that, some casinos have been known to put on late-night “cosmic bingo” events with black lights and big prizes, and bars are getting into “bargo”, which is just bingo and drinks. Like trivia, but way easier.

25. Pizza and Netflix. Duh.

What’s your favorite low-cost date?



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