What do you do when fitness stops being fun? When you’ve skipped exercise for a week or two and are worried about getting totally off track? When you’re starting to feel bored? If you’ve been exercising for awhile, this is probably something you’ve encountered…especially if you’re focusing on weight loss, hitting specific goals, or are fighting to complete a longer-term training plan. It happens to the best of us–sometimes you just need to shake it up! Here are four ways creative ways to break free from the ordinary and bust a fitness rut.

1. Try something counterintuitive. I’m all for finding exercise modalities that you love and that compliment your lifestyle, but opposites attract, so don’t be afraid to try something unexpected! If you’re high-strung or always on the go, try a yoga class to center yourself. Super chill and laid-back? Check out kickboxing, boot camp, or HIIT.  Not only will this help you create balance, but you just might find that your new workout compliments your personality pretty perfectly.

2. Get rewarded for working out. Did you know that there are apps, online services, and contests that reward you for hitting your fitness goals?! Uh huh, honey! If you’re a runner or walker, Charity Miles will make a donation to the organization of your choosing based on the miles you complete. With higi, you earn points and perks that can be cashed in for discounts, gift cards, and special offers. Pact pays between $.50 – $.75 per workout…and makes you pay if you skip the gym! For those looking to lose weight, DietBet provides community support AND a share of prize money to competitors who hit their weight loss targets in the time allotted.

3. Book a few sessions with a trainer. If you’re feeling burnt out, unmotivated, or like you don’t know where to begin, paying for a few personal training sessions can be majorly beneficial. You won’t skip your workout since cant flake on your trainer {and you’re basically paying for the privilege to be there!} and having an expert show you the ropes or create a personalized training plan for you to follow can be both helpful and inspiring.

4. Change up your playlist. A good cardio or LISS session is approximately 100x better when you have great music to listen to while you sweat. Pandora, iTunes Radio, and other streaming services allow users to create motivating stations based on their favorite jams, while also offering pre-selected playlists designed to be used in the gym. You can even download songs that have a certain BPM to run, bike, or elliptical-train to for effortless pacing! You can also DIY it; I’m personally a fan of curating my own playlist that I fill with new, upbeat, workout-only tracks that I’m excited to hear…and I only get to listen to them if I get to the gym.

How do you keep your active lifestyle interesting?



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