Getting personal...with throwback pics galore!
Getting personal…with throwback pics galore! {Including this one from 2011!}

I’ve been tagged in a handful of “five things about me” posts on Instagram over the past few months–which I love–but I hadn’t yet taken the time to actually get involved on a personal level. Honestly, I’m not really sure why I haven’t! I’m hugely into reading and learning about people through these types of  prompts. It really helps you to get to KNOW the people you follow, in a way that’s deeper and more personal than the perfectly-curated shots of their healthy meals/sweaty post-workout selfies/fabulous vacations. These are the blog posts and Instagram captions that really make me feel close to the girls I follow. Like they’ve really let me into their lives. Like we could be BFFs {because let’s be real–who DOESN’T want to be friends with the cool people they follow on social media?!} So yeah, I’m into this trend…I just haven’t really participated. {UNTIL NOW} Like any good blogger, I have an “About Me” page, but I wanted to offer up something a little more personal. Free. Unfiltered. I also loveee lists, so there’s that. I’m officially taking the plunge! Here are 25 random things about me.

1. I just realized that I’ve been blogging for 10+ years…#tbt to my Xanga days.

2. I love “what’s in my bag” YouTube videos, blog posts, magazine features, and Instagram snaps! They’re weirdly intimate, interesting, and always entertaining.

3. I’m obsessed with emojis. My favs include the monkeys, yellow heart, crazy face, puppy, and smiling poo {lol}. I used to LOVE the dancing twins, but they’re not so cute with the new iOS update.

4. I have a major girl crush on Chrissy Teigen. She’s a badass.

5. I love reading about life hacks. Like, even the really random ones for things/problems/situations that I will probably never encounter. You never know when those little tips and tricks could come in handy!

Holding a sea turtle in Grand Cayman two summers ago!
Holding a sea turtle in Grand Cayman two summers ago!

6. Shark Tank is one of my favorite TV shows. I could watch it for hours. {And on “Shark Tank Tuesdays”, I usually do.}

7. I was a Coors Light girl for a hot minute when I was 22! It was…interesting. Actually a really fun job, though.

8. My dad is a vegetarian, so I grew up not eating much meat at home. I also have no idea HOW to cook meat because of this. Oops.

9. I can’t get a good work out in without music, especially at the gym. Like, if I forgot earbuds or if my iPhone dies, I may as well turn around and go home. I NEED the distraction and mental boost that workout jamz provide!

10. I’m not a picky eater, but I CAN get a little weird about certain foods touching each other on a single plate. Ew.

Beach feet are the best feet.
Beach feet are the best feet.

11. This being said, eggs seriously gross me out and I do not eat them unless they are in something or baked. I don’t know why baking makes them okay, but I can eat quiche or a good frittata like nobody’s business and will not touch a “scramble”.

12. I’m from Minneapolis, MN, and have lived in Washington, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. I also once spent an especially fantastic summer abroad in Madrid, Spain.

13. I HATE the cold and love the beach, so I’m hoping that my next move will be to somewhere with better weather!

14. My favorite genre of literature is memoir. My favorite memoir is “Lucky”, by Alice Sebold, who wrote another one of my favorite books, “The Lovely Bones”.

15. If I could have four dogs, I totally would. I have two shih-tzu mixes now. Two more would be clutch.

A pre-wedding snap with my MOH, 7/27/12.
A pre-wedding snap with my MOH, 7/27/12.

16. I used to be really really REALLY into the show John & Kate Plus Ei8ht. Like, so into it that I own a few of the early seasons on DVD. I found it weirdly soothing and mega interesting. And I’m still rather in awe of Kate Gosselin.

17. I hate math. Mostly because I’m very bad at it.

18. I’m really into cool typography and hand lettering…especially that of cheesy motivational quotes.

19. I legitimately love documentaries and have at least 5 new releases in my Netflix queue at all times.

20. I bruise easily. Always have. I may be {permanently} tan, but my skin is surprisingly  transparent.


21. I used to REALLY want a boob job, probably because I watched a lot of Dr. 90210 and The Girls Next Door in my youth. Now? IDGAF.

22. I want to have twins! …someday

23. I love the look of long hair, but I’m convinced that my hair will literally never naturally grow to the mermaid lengths I so covet. I had 18″ fusion extensions put in for my wedding, though, and got to live the dream of having perfect Barbie hair. If that wasn’t stupid expensive and damaging, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I’m also {always} perpetually considering clip-ins/tape extensions.

24. I used to have my nose pierced! It was kinda cute. I think about getting it done again from time to time.

25. I tan really, really, ridiculously easily. We’re talking legitimate, tan-after-being-in-the-sun-for-15-minutes, easily. Said tan dissipates fairly quickly, though, without prolonged sun exposure. Easy come, easy go.

Want to drop a random fact or five? I’d love to learn more about you!



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