Today in crazy food/beauty news, model Suki Waterhouse recently admitted to using Coca Cola to wash her hair. You read that right–soda. She does a Coke rinse. She puts Coca Cola in her hair.

While I wouldn’t ever intentionally DRINK classic Coke {because Diet Coke exists, and it is admittedly one of my vices} I was definitely curious about the potential beautifying properties of pop. I mean, $1 for a perfect mane?! Yes, please. According to Us Weekly, Waterhouse claims that simply rinsing with Coke takes her hair from “fine and limp”, to “tousled, like I’ve gone through the Amazon or something”. Click on the article linked above and look at her hair. Check out this photo. Or this one.  Suki’s hair is pretty flawless.

The food-and-hair connection isn’t exactly new…People have been with beer, making masques with mayo, and slathering on coconut oil as a leave-in treatment pretty much forever. But is soda–which is filled with sugar and artificial colors–the secret to supermodel-status tresses? Maybe. I did some online digging and discovered a post from Hairfinder, which claims that the phosphoric acid found in Coca Cola can bring out the natural wave/curl pattern in hair. Curls tend to equal volume. This thread on The Long Hair Community forum advocates the use of a cola rinse for “great shine“.  Other testers, however, were not so thrilled with their soda-rinse experience. Caitlin from Vanguard Dahlonega noted that the treatment gave her already-thick locks “a life of their own,” and Jessica from Bustle reported that, along with a boost in volume and body, her next-day hair was a biiit of a mess. Seeing as my hair is both naturally curly AND chemically colored, the Coca Cola rinse is likely not something I’ll be trying. If I had fine, wispy, natural Barbie hair, though? I’d give it a shot! Basically, as with any internet-sourced beauty tip, your mileage may vary…even if Bradley Cooper’s ex-girlfriend SWEARS by it. Besides–rinsing with soda has GOT to be better for you than actually drinking it.

Would you wash your hair with Coke?



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