Prepare yourself for the most effortless, awesome life hack ever…

Do something nice for future you.

That’s it. I’m not talking eating right, working out, or being mindful {though those are obviously all things you should be doing, too!} I’m talking about sneaky little helpful things that you can do right now {or whenever you feel like it} to improve your future experience. Keep tampons and hair ties in every purse. Stock spare wallets or clutches with change and gift cards. Leave a $20 in a random coat pocket at the end of the season to discover next year. Stash a Quest bar in your desk drawer. You get the idea! It’s easy, it’s inexpensive, and it requires minimal time or energy, but the payoff for future you–the one who will need and use this stuff later on–is pretty great. If you’re an overachiever and want to take this concept a step further, build yourself a kit! Add to it whenever the mood strikes you. If you’re feeling it, do it. We all have those days where we feel super productive, motivated, and generally on-point…Take those opportunities to get things done in the moment, but also to do a little prep pick-me-up work for the days when you’re feeling less awesome. That’s where the kit comes in handy. Maybe something like this? Or this? Or THIS?! Again, you get the idea. It’s seriously the easiest thing. Not only will you feel like a low-key saint when one of your friends wants a hair tie at the gym, or when a random girl in a bathroom needs a tampon, but you’ll also probably be surprised how these little unexpected purse/pocket treasures can boost your own mood. I mean, really–what’s better than being prepared?! Nothing.

Future you can thank me later 😉



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