K, but seriously. {Source.}
K, but seriously. {Source.}

I’m going to come right out and say it: period bloat is the devil. Right? There’s a special kind of fullness and puffiness that comes with that time of the month that is just ROUGH. It can make your jeans fit a little tighter, your face look a little rounder, and your rings impossible to squeeze on your fingers. Lovely. Instead of popping a cap or two of extra-strength Midol in your quest for relief, try taking a food-as-medicine approach and change up what you eat and drink. The results may surprise you! Here are five natural diuretics for that time of the month.

1. Lemon water

Is there anything lemon water can’t do?! Maybe, but beating bloat isn’t one of them. Warm water and lemon first thing in the morning is the optimal solution for waking up a sluggish digestive system and shedding extra water. Feel free to add a pinch of cayenne pepper for a little extra kick, and to heighten detoxifying properties!

2. Asparagus

Asparagus is a tool of the trade for those who focus on their physiques…there’s a reason it’s a common staple in the diet of models, body builders, and celebrities: it has diuretic properties that will have you looking and feeling tight and smooth in no time. Add a few spears to your morning omelette, steam and serve as a side with lunch, or roast it to have with dinner. It’s tasty, low in calories, and full of nutrients. Stock up!

3. Dandelion tea

Though dandelion tea is a bit of an acquired taste {the brew is rather bitter,} there’s nothing better than a few fast-acting cups if you’re feeling especially bloated and uncomfortable. Dandelion root tea has been heavily endorsed by those in the fitness industry, and it is often used by figure competitors who are looking to shed a few pounds of last-minute water weight. If you can’t get past the taste, Jillian Michaels has an excellent recipe for “detox water” that includes dandelion tea, but tones down the flavor with a few other ingredients–lemon and cranberry juice included!

4. Watermelon

I. Love. Watermelon. A fresh IN-SEASON watermelon, to me, basically epitomizes everything I love about summer. Fresh, sweet, juicy–you get the idea. Amazingness aside, because of it’s ultra-high water content, the fruit is an excellent diuretic, so feel free to eat up. Watermelon is also full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It’s the perfect bikini-ready treat.

5. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is kiiind of a miracle worker. Earlier last year, I shared my ACV detox soak {which also helps with bloating!} but taking the liquid internally is also incredibly beneficial when it comes to decreasing puffiness and fluid retention, and for improving digestion. It’s also high in potassium, which is an added perk for that time of the month. Mix it with water, make a glass of Bombshell Spell, or simply down a spoonful or two like a shot!

What do you do to beat the monthly bloat?



4 comments on “Banish Bloat: Natural {Edible!} Diuretics for THAT Time of the Month”

  1. This is a fantastic post! I’m on Prednisone right now which means I walk outside in the rain and I retain 10 pounds of water (all in my face). I’m glad to see I have so many safe, healthy, non-medication options to help me fight the bloat.

    • Ouch! Prednisone sounds ROUGH! Glad to be able to share a few tips and tricks–hope they come in handy for you 🙂

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