...This is true, but only to a point. {Source.}
…This is true, but only to a point. {Source.}

In honor of it being April 1st, I thought it’d be appropriate to get a little silly today…At least, silly in that “I’m kidding {but not}” kind of way.’ Lots of people have a love-hate relationship with exercise. Pretty normal. These, though? No love involved. These are exercises I am just NOT into.

1. Burpees.

Look, I know burpees work. I know that they hit all of your major muscle groups, that you can do them anywhere, and that they have both aerobic and anaerobic benefit. But…No sane person actually ENJOYS doing burpees, so my dislike for them is totally acceptable.

2. Spinning.

Aside from the fact that I find biking incredibly monotonous, indoor cycling low-key grosses me out. I’ve taken a spin class or two, and though the workout is undeniably killer and you torch an insane amount of calories, I am just not down. Dark, sweaty, uncomfortable, ugly shoes, AND it’s hard? No thanks–I’ll just go for a run.

3. Tricep dips.

These just HURT. I mean, all tricep exercises incite a very particular kind of burn, but dips just take the cake in ouch. And, according to this piece from Fitness Magazine, the move itself is particularly awful as it can end up overloading the small muscles in your shoulder’s rotator cuff. From the article: “It’s a risk to lift your body weight when your upper arms are behind your torso…Damage those muscles and even everyday tasks—like washing your hair—can become painful.” See? No good!

4. Traditional squats.

I know. I KNOW. Squats are supposedly everything! They’re the exercise of the moment! They give you dat squat booty! 2015 is the YEAR of the booty! YOU MUST SQUAT. Don’t care – still hate them. I like a nice squat variation from time to time {plié squats, in particular, are my jam} but the standard up-down-up-down-up-down thing with traditional ones bore me to death. That, and I feel like they make your quads almost instantly bigger, which is something I personally do not want. Oh well!

Are there any exercises or workout formats that you just can’t get into?



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  1. My trainer always makes me squat too and I HATE it! What would you suggest for thinner thighs? I feel like she’s making mine bigger and bigger thighs and a butt is not something I care about…

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