Some girls are into lipstick. Some like hair dye. Others love mascara. Bottom line: We all have our go-to, holy grail beauty products, rituals, and treatments that make us feel like goddesses. These are mine.

  1. A really good blow-out. Good hair day = good life day. That mayyy be a slight exaggeration, but the sentiment behind it is true all the same. Great hair makes me feel awesome and invincible, and I feel like the occasional $25-$40 is a pretty reasonable price to pay for all of that. Though I’ve mastered the art of taming my tresses in my 25 years, it’s always SO much better when someone else is in charge of the styling. You get to head to a salon, get pampered, read magazines, and zone out for an hour or so while someone else makes you look and feel fabulous. Amazing.
  2. Bronzer. I went back and forth between including either bronzer or highlighter on this list, but eventually settled on bronzer simply because of sheer versatility. The right bronzer can be used to contour, to add definition, or to provide a healthy glow–perks that aren’t even limited to your face. VS models use bronzer on their limbs for length and shimmer, didn’t you know? Favorite products: Benefit’s “Hula” and e.l.f.’s “Baked” bronzers.
  3. Reading beauty blogs. Even though I’m not the biggest makeup wearer, I’m a total sucker for everything that beauty blogs promote. I dig product reviews, color swatches, pretty pictures of celebrities, and tips and tricks. I also {obviously} love words, so I can get totally immersed paging through beauty magazines, clicking Pinterest links, and scrolling through blogs. It’s the perfect low-key Sunday afternoon activity. Favorite reads: Makeup and Beauty Blog, xoVain, Byrdie.
  4. Tooth whitening products. White teeth ALWAYS look good. Always. They just do. While I don’t use traditional whitening trays, strips, gels, or lights, I’m a major fan of other smile-enhancing products. Toothpaste? Check. Whitening booster? Check. Mouthwash? Check. Floss? Check. Inexpensive, instant foxy. My favorites are from Crest’s “Glamorous White” collection.
  5. Smith’s Rosebud Salve. This one is so good that I needed to get product specific–I consider a tin of Smith’s Rosebud Salve perhaps the most ultimate beauty pick-me-up of them all. I impulse-bought my first tin at an Urban Outfitters when I was 15, and I’ve never looked back. The salve is inexpensive and unsuspecting, but serves a multitude of purposes, from nourishing nails and cuticles to treating dry lips to soothing skin. When used on cheeks {and even on eyelids!} the salve provides a gorgeous, dewy look. I also find the smell oddly comforting. Best invention ever.

Do you have any go-to beauty products that perk you up?



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