Inspired by an article from Thought Catalog.

…Instant self-loathing in convenient calorie form!

1. Restaurant chips and salsa.

I love chips and salsa. Love. Chips. And. Salsa. The issue? I love the combination far too much. If you take me to a Mexican restaurant that offers free chips and salsa instead of bread, for example, I can casually mow down 3+ bowls of chips {washed down with endless glasses of Diet Coke, natch} without batting an eyelash. Afterwards, I feel rather awful thanks to the combination of fried chips, excess salt, and whatever extra-hot ingredients the salsa contains. It’s so bad. I can turn down a bread basket any day, but give me chips and salsa and I can eat basically forever.

2. Pancakes.

I don’t like pancakes. I just don’t. I never really have. Sometimes though, I’m either forced to eat pancakes (odd breakfast affairs, the random cabin/camping trip, whatever), OR I get the brilliant idea that I should try to order them at a restaurant because everyone loves them and I want to love them, too. I never do. They always make me feel gross. I don’t like the taste, I don’t like the  consistency, and I don’t like the gross, logy feeling they leave in the pit of my stomach. Yuck. Give me waffles or give me regrets.

3. Fried fast food.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Ever since I really cleaned up my diet and stopped regularly eating fried/fast food, not only has fast food started to taste really disgusting, I also notice how badly my body FEELS after eating it. Fun times! Recently, for example, I decided I wanted to try KFC’s popcorn nuggets–something I’d always lusted after in childhood, but was never permitted to eat–so I went through the drive through and came out with a large box of chicken, seasoned potato wedges, coleslaw, and a Diet Pepsi {ew}. Even though I didn’t eat the entire meal, and I didn’t even really ENJOY what I had ordered, I still felt bogged down and sluggish for the rest of the night. Fast food is the most pure example of “you are what you eat”, because after I eat it I always feel greasy, bloated, and gross. The exception to this rule, however, is McDonald’s fries, which I will never stop eating or enjoying. #noregrets

4. That thing I didn’t REALLY want, but ate in an attempt to quell a craving for something I did want.

This is the WORST. The worst. It’s not even about eating any particular food…It’s about not properly indulging in the actual food you DO want, and then paying the price for that choice. Take it from me: if you have a genuine, legitimate craving for something, have some. Otherwise, instead of that little bowl of cookie dough ice cream you want, you’ll turn to three spoons of peanut butter, a square of dark chocolate, two LÄRABARs, and a side of regret. Just eat the ice cream. You don’t want to become the-very-hungry-but-never-actually-satisfied caterpillar, trust.

5. Specialty coffee drinks.

I’ll order specialty hot chocolates every day, but every $5 latte, frappuccino, and/or mocha that I’ve ever ordered has pretty much just tasted like warm regret and a billion wasted calories. Nope. Can’t do it.

Are there any foods you eat that inspire regret?!



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