Valid. && I will ALWAYS choose cake over tequila. {Source.}
Valid. && I will ALWAYS choose cake over tequila. {Source.}

Personally, I find strategy soothing. I love to plan, and find that following certain dietary tactics help me to stay on track. One of the more difficult occasions to exercise restraint, however, is at restaurants.

At any given dinner out, you’ll likely face four temptations:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Bread
  3. Dessert
  4. Starchy dinner carbs like white rice, corn, pasta, or white potatoes.

These calorie-dense, nutritionally minimal foods, when eaten in excess or in combination with one another, are diet saboteurs. How to deal? Pick ONE of the above to enjoy, guilt-free, in its entirety. Skip the rest. One and done, baby girl. You can even choose your indulgence before you hit the restaurant, so that once you’re faced with a drink menu, dessert tray, and bread basket, you’ll be good to go with a game plan. Go into your dinner out with this strategy and you’ll leave feeling  satisfied while also being able to eat according to your personal goals. Simple.



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