I might be able to live without donuts, but these three foods aren't going anywhere anytime soon. {Source.}
I might be able to live without donuts, but these three foods aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. {Source.}

I’m a big proponent of never saying never, especially when it comes to food. I’ll try almost anything once, and on the flip side, if I feel like any given food item has a certain power over me, I often feel compelled to {sometimes temporarily} cut it out of my diet, just to see if I can handle it. It’s like a DIY elimination diet based solely on sheer curiosity and willpower. Sometimes the elimination is temporary. Sometimes, it makes me feel so awesome that it sticks. Weird? Totally. But also totally true. So really, I never say never. But…I just can’t see myself giving THESE particular items up. Ever.

1. Diet Coke. My dirty little secret. Diet Coke has gotten a bad rap for good reason. The artificial sweeteners are no bueno, scientists have labeled it “toxic”, and calorie-free soda has been linked to weight gain. Here’s the thing: I don’t care. I love it. I drink what amounts to MAYBE a can a week of the stuff, so I really don’t feel all that guilty anyway. {Yet.}

2. Frozen yogurt. Here’s the thing with frozen yogurt…while it may be “healthier” than ice cream because it’s lower in fat and calories, it is by no means a health food. Froyo is not banana nice cream–it’s packed with sugar and flavorings and deliciousness, and then topped with edibles that range drastically in nutritional value. Can you healthify your yogurt order by opting for a no-sugar-added tart flavor and topping it only with cacao nibs, unsweetened shredded coconut, and fresh fruit? Of course. Do I do this each and every time I get froyo? Absolutely NOT. Frozen yogurt is my most favorite way to treat myself–it’s totally customizable and very rarely a negative experience–so that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

3. Pizza. It might be a rarer occurrence than it was in my teenage years, and my favorite type may now be a vegan recipe instead of my go-to deep dish cheese, but I will NEVER stop eating pizza. Sometimes you just have to enjoy your life, you know?! There’s definitely room for pizza on my meal plan. Forever.

What three foods will you never give up?



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