Wise words from Gabby Sidibe. {Source}
Wise words from Gabby Sidibe. {Source}

…Is fat a feeling?

Amid criticism, Facebook recently removed an emoticon that would auto-populate when a user ended a status update in the term “feeling fat”. Body-positive and Health At Every Size activists had been urging FB developers to shut down the “feeling fat” operation since it debuted, and after an online petition garnered upwards of 16,000 signatures in the past two weeks, Facebook finally responded: their rosy-cheeked, double-chin emoji, as of Tuesday, is no more.

While I’m totally on board with body positivity and am in no way a fan of shaming, I have to admit–sometimes I do FEEL fat. When I’m PMS-ing and bloated, if I just had a giant piece of cake and went back for seconds, if it’s the day after Thanksgiving, if I’m trying on bikinis after eating fast food, if I haven’t worked out in two months and my jeans just aren’t fitting right…any of these experiences can elicit fat feelings.

And while fat isn’t an emotion, I think that, for many women, “fat days” CAN be a {particularly troubling} state of mind–no matter your actual size. Been there? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you reframe your mental state and get over a fat day.

1. Be nice to yourself.

Glamorize self-care 2015. Seriously though, if you’re in a bad body image abyss, prioritize self care. Make a cup of tea or a mug of hot water with lemon. Cook a healthy meal. Listen to your favorite music. Journal. Meditate. Read. Take a bath. Get outside. Practice retail therapy. Try to move on, but be patient with yourself. Above all, distract yourself from your negative thoughts.

2. Get some support. 

If you’re truly feeling awful, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with mentioning that to a close friend or family member who will reassure you, and give you a little love–sometimes even tough love–when you’re feeling less-than-confident in your body. I’ve even seen girls on Instagram {in the fitness/wellness community, specifically} casually mention their struggles with body image to nothing but positive, reassuring comments. The key to this, however, is being genuine. You’re not whining “oh mah gaaawd I feel SO FAAAT” to anyone who will listen, and you’re not fishing for compliments. People like to support, inspire, and connect with other people, so give them a chance to help you out.

3. Put more effort into your beauty routine. 

Sometimes, a little TLC is all you need to banish bad vibes. Take a long shower and meticulously apply a nice thick body cream. Dry and style your hair. Put on some lipstick. Top everything off with a spritz of your favorite perfume. Once you connect with your body, see how great you look, and realize that you’re a total babe, those “fat” feelings should begin to dissipate.

4. Dress consciously. 

When you’re feeling fat, you can take one of two routes when getting dressed: relaxed, or ultra-chic. Opting for a relaxed look generally involves loose silhouettes, stretchy waistbands, leggings, maxi skirts, and anything that could be described as “blousy”. This technique deliberately pulls focus from your body. Sometimes though, the aim isn’t to disassociate from your fat feelings, but to battle them head-on. If you’re feeling feisty, go for the ultra-chic look. Pick out an especially stylish outfit–wear the jeans that always make your butt look amazing, and grab the top that you always get compliments on. Accessorize. Add a pair of heels. Look good, feel good.

5. When all else fails, work out. 

I know, I know, “go work out” is on EVERY list ever of tips and tricks! But…Sometimes you just need to totally reframe your mindset. A workout can help you to feel strong, confident, and satisfied while reconnecting with your body. Reminding yourself of how capable you are, and of how many things your body does for you 24/7 can be surprising, and changing your focus from looks to ability is innately empowering.

How do you deal with fat days?



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