BBG perfection. {Source.}
BBG perfection. {Source.}

If you’ve been following TSB for awhile, you  might remember a post I made this summer about Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide…I loved it. Since the writing of that post, Kayla has released an additional BBG workout guide, an update to her original guide, a new cooking guide, and new fitness gear to her online store. Girl is blowing up, and her clients’ transformations continue to be incredible! This January, a Facebook group of Bikini Body warriors created their own challenge: The Kayla Movement. With 1000+ members and their own Instagram hashtags, these girls worked together to conquer Kayla’s guides and keep each other motivated. {#bbgsisters!} They’re even planning a Chicago meet-up this summer. Now, though? It’s happening again! Starting on 4/6, The K2 Movement begins.

If you missed out on the first round of The Kayla Movement, if you needed to stop in the middle of a round for whatever reason, or if you’ve been meaning to get started with the guide, April 6th is the perfect time for you to get started…with a giant group of virtual friends by your side! You guys know that I’m a total sucker for challenges, and this one pretty much ensures a hot summer bod AND a bunch of new friendships to boot. I mean, seriously – the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Get it, girl!

Want in? Here’s how to get involved…

Let’s kick some BBG booty!



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  1. Yes! I’m excited for this. I bought BBG a few months ago but was training for a half marathon so wanted to wait till that was over…I have a stress fracture in my foot so my half is off…BUT I think I’ll probably be able to start doing strength training (including lower body) by April 6th, so I will join the K2 movement!

    Ladies at the Bar

    • Hey Christina!

      I personally love the BBG workout guide! It’s challenging, and the results of the girls who have done it are all pretty outstanding. It’s definitely on the pricy side, but I think it’s worth the cost. I don’t use the HELP guide, though–just the workouts! If you’re concerned about value, I’d start there and just buy the workout guide to begin! Hope that helps! ♡

  2. Hi Liza!

    I really want to get in great shape for a bunch of my friends’ June-July weddings. Running 3-4 miles a few days a week keeps me in general good form, but I want to start a workout/weightloss regiment that gives me solid flat abs and slender arms/legs. Would you recommend Ballet Beautiful Total Body Workout (or Body Blast) or BBG? Can I do them together, on the same days? Could I still run every other day too? Sorry for lots of questions, any advice is so appreciated!! Thanks :>

    • Hi lady! Either program would be great…I’m going to email you my full response BC I typed it out and it was crazy long haha!

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