Confession: before 2015, the last time I had actually eaten a banana was in 1995. Literally. Seriously. I had my last banana twenty years ago–I was five, and it was awful. I hadn’t ever really LIKED bananas as a child, but my last banana, and the day-long stomach ache that came with it, sealed their fate. I HATED bananas, and my five year old self wasn’t ever going to eat one again…or at least for a really, really long time. Not until I was 25.

(…I’m 25.)

Yesterday, I ate my first whole, organic, perfectly-ripe banana.

And even though I really wanted to dislike it, that banana was incredible. WTF?!?
For the past twenty years, I lived a strange banana-free existence, made even more strange by the fact that I enjoyed banana flavored things. Runts, gum balls, the occasional shot of 99 Bananas vodka, all fair game. I also liked plantains. Real, actual bananas, though, were a definite no-go. I couldn’t handle them. They tasted awful and made me sick. I modified every possible food order that contained the fruit. I used to tell workers at Jamba Juice that I had a banana allergy when I ordered my smoothies. If I detected any trace of banana involved, in ANYTHING I ate, I had to stop eating it. So yeah, guys, my issues with bananas were real. But twenty years ago, I made a promise to my five-year-old self that I would try one when I turned 25, so here we are. I tried one. I actually eat bananas now.
How did this happen?!? I’ll tell you. 
Originally, I wanted to eat my “first” banana on my actual 25th birthday this December, but I chickened out. Instead, I eased into it on my birthday trip this January, when I ordered something called a “monkey bowl” at a local juice/natural foods cafè. It contained açai, peanut butter, cacao, coconut flakes, and fresh banana. For the first time in decades, I didn’t ask for the bananas to be taken out. I ordered off the menu! I tried a slice of banana! Aaand then promptly spent the rest of my breakfast avoiding them in my bowl. Oops. Yesterday, though, I actually did it! I’m at home visiting and staying with my parents this week, and last night, my mom reminded me of my banana bet. She also told me that if I was ever going to eat bananas, the one ripening on their kitchen counter was THE banana I should try. So…I did. I made myself a plate: banana, a few slices of gruyere, and some freshly-ground peanut butter {both there to offset the banana, of course}. Oddly enough, I didn’t suck. I ate the whole thing by itself. This banana tasted much more like the banana-flavored goodies I love, and less like mush. Even better? No stomach aches! The key, apparently, to having a positive ‘nana experience is to go organic, and to not shy away from heavily-spotted fruit. Even bananas that seem ALMOST overripe are good!
So yeah, I’ve been converted. I’m a banana girl now. It’s super exciting. I mean, do you even realize how many healthy, breakfast/smoothie/dessert/post-workout recipes contain bananas?! I can eat ALL of those now! Nice cream! Potassium! Race fuel! The world is my oyster. In honor of this momentous occasion, I wanted to share a few of my favorite banana-loving links…that I’ve expertly compiled in the last 24 hours. 

Can’t wait to try these! ♡

What’s your favorite banana recipe? Do you have any weird food aversions?


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