No Starry zombies here. {Source}
No Starry zombies here. {Source}

New guidelines just came out regarding specifying that we can safely indulge in a LOT of caffeine each day–400 mg to be exact. In real life, this equates to about four cups of regular coffee, five 42oz cans of Red Bull, 12 cups of green tea, or 20 bars of dark chocolate. That means that you could sip on something from Starbucks before breakfast, have a Diet Coke with lunch, and have a square or two of dark chocolate after dinner and be totally and completely in the clear. It’s a ton of caffeine. Despite the safety of caffeine consumption, though, sometimes, a girl just wants a BREAK. If you’ve been depending on coffee’s magic energy-enhancing powers to start your day, however, skipping caffeine can be something that’s easier said than done.  Just because you’re choosing to sacrifice your daily coffee habit it doesn’t mean your typical morning energy and vitality have to go along with it!

Here’s how to feel awake–on even the groggiest mornings–without caffeine.

  • Hot water and lemon. The Internet is currently RAVING about the powerful AM cocktail that is hot water and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. It’s touted as being able to aid in digestion, boost the immune system with a healthy dose of vitamin C, balance pH, and naturally decrease bloating. It’s also famous for enhancing mood and increasing energy thanks to lemon’s many live enzymes and fresh scent. It’s the best way to start your day!
  • Sun exposure. Remember my post on SAD lamps, and how exposure to light can perk you right up? Sunlight does exactly the same thing. Morning sun exposure and helps to regulate circadian rhythms and tells your internal clock to wake up. Get some sunlight and fresh air first thing on groggy mornings and you’ll feel more alert and awake.
  • Movement. Do some squats. Crank out ten jumping jacks. Try a few yoga poses. Shake it up. Getting your blood pumping can help distract from the tiredness you’re feeling. Follow all of this up with a cold shower for an extra jolt of energy. Bonus: once you’ve gotten up and active, you probably won’t want to get back in bed.
  • Brain stimulation. Instead of lying in bed and scrolling through your Instagram feed or Facebook timeline, try playing a challenging game {IE, something that requires actual thought like Words With Friends or Trivia Crack – not Flappy Bird} making a list, or journaling. Once your brain wakes up–which, let’s get real, is the hardest part when you’re first starting your day–your body and mood shouldn’t be far behind.

Have any other tips for starting your day sans caffeine?



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