Fun fact: March 8th–TODAY– is International Women’s Day, a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.

Today is a golden opportunity to celebrate everything awesome that YOU, as a woman, have personally achieved, whether that’s hitting a fitness goal, raising a beautiful family, achieving a personal best, kicking ass with your career, or simply learning to love yourself. You’re awesome.

Women’s athletic apparel line GRACEDBYGRIT is aiming to help you honor that awesomeness.

The women-owned-and-operated company was born out of the idea that, in our lives, our adversity is actually our advantage. From their website:

“Every woman has experienced hardship and troubled times. It is how we make it through those moments that define us.”

With their #SweatYourStory campaign, GRACEDBYGRIT encourages us to embrace  the uncomfortably gritty moments we all have, because in those moments, we ultimately develop strength and grace. Love this philosophy. Isn’t that what being a woman is ALL about?

Personally, I sweat MY story at the barre and on the treadmill. My grittiest, most golden moments come from convincing myself to do those final reps even though my legs are shaking, or to run for an extra five minutes even when I’d rather be watching Netflix. Whenever this happens, I never regret pushing through. I always leave feeling satisfied, empowered, and capable.

Celebrate yourself this International Women’s Day! There’s never been a better reason to treat yourself, babygirl, so feel free to give yourself a little extra love in honor of the holiday.

How do you #SweatYourStory?



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    • Way to go, Sandra!! So awesome that you’re so active and dedicated 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

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