This photo doesn't have anything to do with this post...I just liked it. Matthew McConaughey style ;) {Source.}
This photo doesn’t have anything to do with this post…I just liked it. Matthew McConaughey style 😉 {Source.}

It’s time for another TSB link roundup! I did a super-short, fitness-themed link compilation at the beginning of February, and I wanted to share something similar to kick off March. This time, we’ve got health/fitness/body image and lifestyle content, plus double the links because the internet is fun. Seriously, though, here are a handful of posts/resources/videos I’ve been loving this week.

1. “How To Take The Perfect Instagram Photo” from The Glitter Guide

There are a myriad of articles and tutorials aimed at achieving the perfect #selfie, so I really enjoy that this post from The Glitter Guide is focused on actual photography–things like lighting, editing, and aesthetics, which take your pictures from good to great. Go and read up. I know you want to live a more Instagram-friendly life. It’s fine.

2. “What Getting A Massage Taught Me About Self Love” from Literally, Darling

This piece in five words: massage  + body image + self-care + love. It’s poignant, smart, relatable, and sensitive. Do something nice for yourself! I’ve recently become enamored with Literally, Darling, which is an online magazine dedicated to chronicling every facet of the 20-something experience. They call it “an exact representation of our exaggerated selves”. Love.

3. “How to Eat Exactly Like a Celebrity Nutritionist” from Byrdie

I have a weird obsession with day-in-the-life type stories and food diaries, so this piece from Byrdie immediately excited me. Celebrity nutritionists eat pretty much exactly how you’d expect them to eat, though–lots of fresh produce, lean protein, and little sugar–with a few interesting surprises and anecdotes peppered in for good measure. Yummy and inspirational.

4. “Whats In My Bag” {Video!} from Happily Jaylen

Okay guys–if you’re not following Miss Jaylen on Instagram {@tiujquinn} you’re seriously missing out. A fellow Tone It Up girl and newly-minted blogger, J has just taken to YouTube, and the above is her first vlog! She’s basically the cutest, funniest, sassiest thing ever…and who doesn’t love finding out what’s in another person’s bag?! Watch, watch.

5. “Are We Calling Beef Jerky a ‘Health Food’ Now?” from Well + Good

Jerky is trending. No, seriously, it is. There’s a new breed of jerky, though, that promises to breathe life into the stereotypically manly food, with Whole 30 founder Melissa Hartwig assuring us all that not only are these new offerings healthy, but that jerky itself is “no longer just this dry, tough strip of plain old meat.” Some of the flavors mentioned here sound so good that I think I’m actually now craving jerky.

6. “21 DIY Gym Equipment Projects to Make at Home” from Greatist

When I clicked on this article in a Greatist newsletter, I in no way knew what to expect. I mean, gym DIYs? Is that possible? What does that even mean?! Read it, it’s good. {And yeah–weird.} There’s seriously a DIY for anything.

What have you been reading this week?



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    • Um, yes!! I adore your site & I seri cannot wait for more YouTube vids!! Keep them coming, babe! ♡

  1. Hey there,

    I was just checking out some of the links in your roundup from a couple weeks ago – good stuff! (How to eat like a celebrity nutritionist!)

    I just compiled a really neat resource that is super practical for anyone interested in eating well: 50 Healthy Food Blogs For Clean and Lean Eating

    Do you think this would be worthy of your next roundup?

    Thanks so much,


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